South African Skies, Mist, Dust & Wildlife in October

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Here are ten fabulous nature and wildlife photographic highlights from October in the South African bush.

Sean Cresswell

The tailless female and the rest of the Tsalala Pride move into the first light of the day; wilderness at their grasp. Sean Cresswell

Mike Sutherland 3

Emulation. Mike Sutherland


A cloud of talcum powder-like dust envelops them. James Tyrrell


After the Mhangeni-Tsalala clash, two of the Majingilane move in to make sure things have calmed down. James Tyrrell


A marabou stork inspects us from atop its look out spot. Amy Attenborough

Buffalo Kill

The pride watch the advance of the big buffalo bulls while one of the females attempts to asphyxiate the old cow. James Tyrrell

Mike Sutherland

A beautiful African Scops owl in daylight hours. Mike Sutherland


The porcupine backs into an approaching lion – the quills make a distracting noise. Lucien Beaumont

Rhino Ambassador

An ambassador for his species. Don Heyneke

Leopard in tree

A very uniquely lit Mashaba female leaves her kill in order to rest further out on the branch with a full belly. As the sun approached the horizon, its bright beams were reflected off the Sand River next to us and up into the canopy of this Jackalberry. A natural lighting not often presented. Sean Cresswell.

Photographed by: James Tyrrell, Don Heyneke, Sean Cresswell, Lucien Beaumont, Mike Sutherland and Amy Attenborough.





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