RAMfest Goes Large in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg

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South Africa is rapidly gaining a reputation for hosting out of this world music festivals and RAMfest is no exception. This year marks the fifth RAMfest and it promises to bigger and better than ever. In 2011 RAMfest will hit three of South Africa’s biggest cities: Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. And while Gautengers and Durbanites may rejoice at the opportunity to see some of the country’s most popular music acts in their own back yard, Cape Town is the place to be.

The Cape Town leg of the festival will be held of three days (4 – 6 March) at Nekkies Holiday Resort, Worcester. It will boast three stages, as well as a beach party.

  • The Main Stage will showcase two international bands: Alkaline Trio and Funeral for a Friend, as well as a number of local artists, including Die Antwoord, Gazelle, Zebra and Giraffe, Van Coke Kartel, The Revelators,  Blk Jks, Ashtray Electric, Desmond & The Tutu’s, Mr Cat & The Jackal,Stepdog, Pretty Blue Guns, The Great Apes, Tumi, Ree-Burth, Dance! You’re on Fire, The Sleepers, Isochronous, Not My Dog, Lonely Dave Ferguson, Wrestlerish, 7th Son, Bittereinder, Mix n Blend.
  • The Alternative Stage will be graced by Down on the first, Moment of Clarity, Knave, Mind Assault, Contrast The Water, The Broken Result, Infanteria, Haggis & Bong, Symphonic Schizophrenia, Juggernaught, Sabertooth, Enmity, Theatre Runs Red, a Walk with the Wicked, The Dead Will Tell, Axxon.
  • The Electronic Stage will entertain with Jam Jar, Psydstep, Bruce Willis?, P.H Fat,  Niskerone, Counterstrike, Hyphen, SFR, Mr Bong, Fletcher, Sedge Warbler, Toby2Shoes, Kennedy, Battle Beyond The Stars, Ill Tastic, El Gordo, Enough Weapons, Haezer, TOM DELUXX (FRA), Double Adapter, Liver, B-Team and more.
  • The Beach Party acts include Haasbroek, Tommygun, FunaFuji, Mr. Sakitumi.

Tickets for the Cape Town festival will cost: R450 for the entire weekend if you book and R500 at the gate; prices for Saturday and Sunday are also R450 if you book and R500 at the gate. A day pass for Sunday will cost R100.

The Durban leg follows that of Cape Town (9 March) and is being held at WaveHouse. There is only one stage and acts include Alkaline Trio, Funeral for a Friend, Die Antwoord, Zebra & Giraffe, Van Coke Kartel.

Tickets will cost R250 for bookings and R250 at the gate.

The Joburg leg (12 March) is being held at Riversands Farm, Fourways; there will be two stages.

  • Performers on the Main Stage include Alkaline Trio, Funeral for a Friend, Not My Dog, Die Antwoord, Zebra & Giraffe, Van Coke Kartel, Pestroy, Dance Your’re on Fire, Isochronous, Knave, Pity The Fool, Blk Jks, Desmond & The Tutu’s, The Shadowclub.
  • Shows on the Dance Stage include RudeOne, Deeziak, CutKeyLow,Tasha Baxter, Ambush, Bittereinder, Benson.

Tickets cost R250 for bookings and R300 at the gate.

To take advantage of the presales rates you can purchase your tickets from www.ticketbreak.co.za.

Visit the RAMfest website for more details.

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