Baboon Walks In South Africa

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Many locals and visitors catch glimpses of baboon troupes on a regular basis in the far south area, with some troupes even making daily visits to some local communities. The animals are widely seen as pests and a nuisance, but few people realise that it is because of human encroachment on their natural habitat that baboons turn to raiding kitchens and bins for their nourishment.

There is an opportunity for people to get to know more about this misunderstood creature: baboon walks. They are educational and ecological adventures that allow intimate groups of people on walking tours with an experienced guide into the baboons’ natural habitat.

The organisation that runs these walks, Baboon Matters, has been focusing on the preservation of the local troupes for many years now. It wants local residents to understand the complexities and beauty of the baboon before they flippantly pass judgment on the mammals as an irritation. Many people call for the euthanasia of the creatures without understanding the plight of the animals. The passionate group strives to rescue and rehabilitate any injured animal in need.

On a baboon walk you can experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch these intriguing animals as they socialise, eat and play around you. The walks are about two hours in length and are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. This eco-tourism initiative hopes to promote the conservation of baboons and in that light strict measures are taken to ensure the walks do not negatively impact the environment of the animals therein.

This is a great chance for residents of baboon-frequented areas to learn more about the mammal that shares their living space with you.

The walk times are:

Summer (Nov – March) 08h30 and 15h00

Winter (April – Oct) 09h30 and 14h00

Cost of the walk:

R295 per person (adults)

R140 per person (children 16 years and under)

There is a minimum booking number of two persons, and a maximum booking number of six. The baboon walks are the perfect way to get back in touch with nature and do something that will help make a difference.

Call Baboon Matters on 021 785 7943 to find out about booking or for more information.

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