Zohaib Butt

Zohaib Butt
Zohaib Butt Started his career as a Sub-Editor at Pakistan Press International in 2004 and then joined ‘The Post’ Daily two years later. He also served as editor of Eyecandy magazine (the magazine distributed along with the paper) on Sunday.

Zohaib has worked as a production associate and researcher in infotainment department GEO TV Lahore. He is currently working as associate producer news on Planning Desk at Express news channels (both Express News and Express 24/7). His duties include planning the “week ahead,” and determining and distributing schedules and releases to the coordination desk. He is responsible for monitoring the news/current events to determine if the bureau will need to re-deploy, change release times, or advance packages. At the planning desk, Zohaib originates, plans, and delivers feature package items for use across the entire network. He also coordinates with all aspects of the desk regarding interviews, obtaining credentials, determining logistical aspects of particular story coverage, and assessing staffing needs. Presenting stories, contributing ideas for graphics, montages, Vox Pops, and debate issues is also a part of Planning Desk.

As a Producer on the planning desk at Express News, Zohaib has developed very friendly relations with all most all the politicians and public personalities of Pakistan, so calling them at anytime and inviting them for any talk show or news bulletin or for conformation of any news is never an issue. Zohaib has recently created a short film named “Via Dolorosa” based on the life of a common Pakistan boy.

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