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As founder of both We Blog the World and Magic Sauce Media, a global communications consultancy, I serve as a connector, marketing, social media and brand strategist, content producer, curator and lifestyle photojournalist. While my professional career has largely been in developing strategies and campaigns that guide travel, technology, wellness and lifestyle companies to success, WBTW has been an integral and passionate part of my life since it first launched.


My hope is that WBTW takes you on one transformative journey after another, from life changing adventures to magic moments that awaken your senses like cruises, spas, safaris, cultural events, farm-to-table dining, glamping, yoga retreats, wellness workshops and more.Through rich storytelling and photography, I aspire to connect you to a world of rich experiences with the goal of ultimately transforming how you view the world and yourself, the best possible result from a journey away from home.


Curiosity about other cultures enticed me as far back as I can remember – half way through college, I had already studied in 3 countries and over 20 years later, I have lived in 10 countries and traveled to nearly 90. It’s no surprise that so many of my clients are global.


Known as a master of storytelling for lifestyle, travel and technology industries, I have helped nearly a hundred brands, companies and individuals across four continents, succeed through smart and creative marketing and communications programs that elevate them above the noise.


From Fortune 500 to start-ups, I’ve worked with leaders like Hilton, Nuance, IDG, Novell, Computer Associates, Vodacom and Bausch & Lomb as well as small but innovative players in the wearables, wellness, travel, lifestyle, hospitality, mobile and technology industries. My strengths lie in navigating digital waters, identity branding, marketing and PR and understanding what ammunition entrepreneurs and companies need to succeed. I also thrive on creating new ideas and campaigns for a tired brand that is in need of a facelift.


Grateful for all the connections and friendships I’ve made on this powerful road we call Life, I feel honored to have worked with entrepreneurs, authors, technology visionaries, scientists, engineers, celebrities, doctors, musicians and artists.


As one of the first bloggers in the industry, I do more than dabble in content, and have authored more than 20,000 articles on WBTW, the Huffington Post, BlogHer, my personal blog Down the Avenue, and a number of business and travel sites and magazines.


I was ranked #12 Social Media Influencer by Forbes for two years in a row, #6th most influential woman in social media by Forbes, selected as a Top 70 Bay Area Digital Leader by the United Nations, named a Top 10 Social Media Mentor by Women Online Magazine, chosen as one of the Most Powerful Women in social media by CEO World Magazine, was a Shorty Awards Business Influencer Finalist and served as a Smitty Awards Judge for Travel & Leisure Magazine. I’m also listed as an AlwaysOn Top 150 Business and Technology Journalist.


Additionally, I have served on a number of advisory boards, including BlogHer, the largest blog network of women in the world and PopTech, a non-profit that catalyzes social impact through programs, incubated initiatives, salons and an annual conference.


I currently sit on the advisory board for Shocase, an exclusive global social network for the brightest minds in the marketing, creative and communications industries and Transformative Technology Lab, whose goal is to help engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs create new tools for the well-being of humanity.


Passionate about photography, I have published six photo books to-date: Faces of Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands, A Cultural Look at Rome, Faces of London, Children of South Africa and Through an Urban Lens.


I’m also the co-founder of TravelingGeeks, an initiative that collaborates with global technology innovators and thought leaders and organizes programs and tours with influencers to accelerate technology, business and social media initiatives in a destination or for a company.


Other affiliations include being co-curator of TEDxBerkeley, one of the largest TEDx events in the country since 2010. Inspired to make a positive impact on the world through social good, I also spearheaded content for TEDxUNPlaza, the only TEDx event held at the United Nations.


Follow me on Twitter @magicsaucemedia and @weblogtheworld and on our @weblogtheworld channels on other popular networks, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Flipagram, YouTube and Google+. And, read my articles on We Blog the World and join in the dialogue.



Renee has been to nearly 90 countries, lived in 11 and helped companies, brands and individuals succeed across four continents.



“Renee gets companies from Zero to 60 Quickly; She Knows What’ll Get Buzz.”

Chris Tolles, CEO TOPIX

Chris Tolles

“Renee uses her Voice to give a Platform to those who make a Difference.”

Sarah Hillware, NETAMERICA’S MISS DC Social Entrepreneur & Former Radio Host


“Renee has unlimited access to industry leaders, media gatekeepers & new media trailblazers.”

Elisa Comahort, Founder BLOGHER


“Seeing her in Action is Poetry in Motion.”


Craig Gold

“Renee is one of those remarkable connectors Malcolm Gladwell described in ‘The Tipping Point.’ She knows what works on the global web.”



“She’s more than a Savvy Marketing Pro, She’s a Force of Nature.”

Mitch Kertzmann, Partner, WINBLAD VENTURE PARTNERS


“Renee has top notch strategies regardless where & how you want to reach your audience.”

Suzanne Kirschner, Techlicious, Formerly Reporter MARTHA STEWART NETWORK


“Renee Works with Some of the Most Powerful People in the World.”



“Renee is one of the best connectors, writers, storytellers & promoters.”

Don Dodge, Tech Advocate, GOOGLE

Dod Dodge

“Renee Exudes Excellence in Photography & Journalism – Best Travel Writer on the Web.”

Rebecca Lacko, Award Winning FOOD COLUMNIST & EDITOR of an Adventure Magazine


“With It…Gets It and is willing to go the extra mile. Renee is one of the true forces in communications!”

Roger Krakoff, Partner, SIGMA PARTNERS

Roger Krakoff

“Renee has Mastered Short Form Storytelling.”

David Berlind, Journalist, Former Editor, CNET

David Berlind

“With her outstanding connections worldwide,
Renee is one of the most talented & respected pros out there. She’s a master at driving social strategies that create impactful results.”

Gail Scibelli, VP Marketing ORGANIC


“Renee isn’t just a PR Pro & Blogger; She’s a strategic advisor & thinker who helps companies make the most of dollars – She’s a great find if you can get her!”



“Renee bridges the gap between marketing & journalism. Her programs are a formula for success in the U.S. & globally.”

Loren Slocum, Award-winning AUTHOR & Leader for TONY ROBBINS LIFE MASTERY


“Renee is Revolutionizing Travel & Blogging.”

Brad Kava, Ex-Broadcast Award-Winning Journalist, MERCURY NEWS


“Renee “gets” it & yields great results for clients w/boundless energy, grace & integrity.”


Doug Free

“Her astonishing results flow from getting us
pumped up about her clients.”

Bob Metcalfe, Co-Invented the ETHERNET & formulated METCALFE’s LAW, Founder 3COM

Bob Metcalfe

“She’s a Leading Influencer in Circles That Count.”

Michael Tchong, Founder MACWEEK & UBERCOOL


“Renee’s Programs Cut Thru the Noise to Build the Buzz & Mindshare Necessary for People, Companies & Ideas to Achieve Rapid Success.”


Ray Kurzweil

“When you see Renee in action, you’ll see why she has so much respect & credibility.”

John McKinley, Former President, AOL TECHNOLOGIES

John McKinley

“Renee Creates Tremendous Value & Visibility Via Mutuality.”

Kare Anderson, Emmy Winning Former WALL STREET JOURNAL & NBC Reporter

Kare Anderson

“Renee is has tons of energy, creativity &
productivity! She brought a lot of artistic talent ot the table when we worked together.”

Richard Dreyfuss, ACTOR


“She’s one of the Most Connected People I know; Her tenacity mobilizes influencers on & offline.”

Don Levy, Former Senior VP,  SONY PICTURES

Don Levy

“Renee’s Ability to Achieve Exposure is Unique – if I were to start a new company, I’d hire her.”

Werner Wogels, CTO, AMAZON


“Renee turns engaging messages into a Unique Voice & delivers it in a way that will maximize exposure.”

Craig Newmark, Founder, CRAIG’S LIST

Craig Newmark

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