Humans are Terrorists

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So much bloodshed, violence and hostility and they claim that we are humans, I feel sorry to be a human. Last Thursday the blast at the shrine of Hazrat Usman Ali Hajwari (famously known as Data Gunj Buksh) claimed more than 40 dead and 175 injured. Among the dead there were not only humans but so many little birds that used to sit over the shrine’s dome. Those were not the target but they got hit. For those innocent little creatures we humans are terrorists, we took their lives for no good reason. They were lying dead among the human dead bodies.

People were screaming and mourning over their loved ones but nobody was caring about those birds. Ambulances and rescue workers cleared the area and brought all those bodies to different hospitals and those dead birds to garbage. Those birds never knew what America is and what are Taliban? All they knew that we humans are strange creatures. Clash of ideologies, my land!!! Your land!!!! My religion!!! Your religion!!! I’m good!!! You are bad!!! And on the other hand there is a human sacrificing his or her life to save another human. However, if they are all humans, why do they fight? Why do they kill each other?

I talked to an intelligent or rather I should say a scholarly human and asked him why do we kill each other? He said, it’s not a big deal even animals kill their own species. This answer surprised me because I thought we human are supposed to be far superior to animals.

On the face of the planet earth we have fought many battles; some huge wars like WW1 and WW2. We got scared of wars, but we didn’t stop. We kept on fighting with each other using advanced techniques of hurting our fellow species. We have invented nuclear weapons we have heavy artillery to kill our enemy, but did we ever wonder who our enemy is, another human being. Strange but true, but it seems that this very world is like a circus where all we noble human beings are performing our acts, however I don’t know who we are trying to amuse?

Did you ever see the ants? Those busy little ants live peacefully together, most probably in greater numbers than us, but I am sure if you put brains in them they’ll do the same things we do. I’m confused. Is all this mess is because of the human brain? This is all because of greed. I call greed the brain’s bug. It is the same bug which bit Adam and cost him heaven. I believe that greed is the essence of evil.

We are all children of one father Don’t you see? We all have the same coloured blood. We all have two legs, two arms, one mind and a heart. What makes us different from others? It is not the colour of our skin. The difference lies in the beauty of our thoughts and love for others. The Almighty gave us this life and, my fellow beings, life really is a gift of God and how you live it is a gift from you to God. Now, what kind of a gift are you going to give to your Lord? It’s up to you. Being human I too can never ever understand myself completely, but I don’t want to understand. It is better to live a happy life then to spend it in a pain of contemplation. To live a happy life means to share happiness with your fellow human beings.

Give yourself a treat, a treat of a few moments of life without any greed or lust. See the beauty of nature as it is; do not try to capture it in your hands, but to praise it. Raise your hands not to hurt somebody but to pray for a better future for our fellow human beings. Get knowledge not to make weapons of mass destruction but to free the world from some painful and deadly disease like AIDS and cancer.

Do good and try to love your fellow human beings because soon this journey will end and then a new endless journey will start and the deeds of this journey will have deep effects on that. God bless you all!

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