TouchJet WAVE Adds Virtual Touchscreen to Monitors & TVs

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We recently discovered Touchjet WAVE at the GetGeeked Fall event in San Francisco, a cool device that turns your flat screen TV or computer monitor into a touchscreen tablet instantly. It doesn’t stop there however, as it also includes a built-in Android OS, which means you can download your favorite Android apps and install them right to your Touchjet WAVE on your TV.

Touchjet Wave

They gave us one to try out so we were thrilled to be able to put it to the test. What a great gift for the holidays I thought as I watched the demo on-site.

I remember exhibiting at the New Living Expo last year when we were showing our site to attendees and had to do so navigating pages with a mouse. Sure, we had tabs open to easily navigate from screen to screen, but had we access to a touchscreen monitor, it would have been a much richer experience for us and for them. This is a great B2B use case scenario btw, as is the capability add-on for presenting and collaborating.

You can use the conference room TV for an interactive presentation and flip through your presentation directly on the big screen. Gone are the days that you need to connect your computer to the TV. You can also access your presentations directly on the Touchjet WAVE using apps such Dropbox, Powerpoint and Touchjet Present.

While the B2B benefits should be obvious ones, there are plenty of consumer ones for the Touchjet Wave as well.

The Touchjet WAVE Touch & Remote App Control

Touchscreen when you want, and use the remote app so you can control from your smartphone, and any object can be used as a stylus so you don’t worry about fingerprints. You can also use the Touchjet App (iOS and Android) on your smartphone as a remote control. Sweet right?

Touchjet Wave

You can navigate through your Android apps on the screen itself of course. This is great for browsing the web and for something a bit more fun, like playing games. This makes it a great family friendly option as well, so a perfect choice for the holidays.

You can download and play the best gaming apps on a much bigger screen as a family or when entertaining guests and friends. Whether you’re a serious gamer or a casual one, the Touchjet WAVE gives you more room for your favorite mobile games.

Touchjet Wave

And hey, avid travelers, imagine the fun planning your next trip via Kayak, airbnb or any other travel app you use to book, share, organize and more. The other great scenario you may want to think about is showing off those great travel photos by simply swiping from one to another on a large screen when you get back from a trip. We love this!

Touchjet Wave

You can watch movies and stream music on the Touchjet WAVE as well. Whether it’s Spotify, Pandora, or watching YouTube videos, it’s a great option. For music you have stored locally or that you download, you can actually have music downloaded to your Touchjet WAVE for offline use as well.

You can also stream videos from your Touchjet WAVE without having to connect to other devices which means accessing Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, or any other streaming app.

Setting Up Touchjet WAVE

It’s fairly easy to set up your Touchjet WAVE — they also offer a quick ten minute call if you have issues after buying the product. That said, the product is small (comes in a box the size of a shoebox) and after you clip it together, you simply affix it to the back of your flatscreen TV or monitor. There are simple instructions for how to set it up AND line it up.

For example, they give you a little gizmo to check whether the lights are aligned correctly (should be fairly even to the flat of your screen). If the gizmo turns green, you’re good to go. The better the alignment, the better it will work for you. That said, it is very straight forward to set up from connecting it to your monitor to navigating the app on your smartphone.



Touchjet Wave

Touchjet Wave

What a transformative experience at a $300 price point. Check out their website for more details and you can head over to Amazon to pick up one.

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