Think Your Indoor Air is Healthy? Think Again!

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Let’s face it — indoor Air Pollution is dangerous and climbing at alarming rates. Air pollution in general rise worldwide, killing more than 3.3 million and one study says it could double by 2050.  Given that we spend nearly 90% of our time indoors (some research says more) and indoor air pollution is slated to be from 3 to 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution, it’s no wonder that that cases of Asthma and Allergies are climbing and at an all-time high. In addition to seasonal allergens, many also suffer from dust and chemicals from cleaning products, paints and other residues at home, work and school.

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Think Your Indoor Air is Safe? Think Again!

When we think of air pollution, we tend to think of outdoor air pollution and that we’re safe inside where we spend most of our time. If you think that all the places where you OR your kids spend time is at safe levels, think again. Studies show that 50% of America’s schools have problems linked to indoor air quality and an issue in 6 out of 10 homes worldwide. Indoor air may contain lead from the old paints which have been connected to early brain development in children.  Not only does research show that clean air helps people be more focused and efficient at work and can reduce sick leave time, but shows that purer air improves kid’s productivity and results at school as well.  Bottom line, what we breathe in day after day, can impact the quality of our sleep, energy levels and even life span.

















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Indoor air you breathe can be hazardous to your health without any telltale signs, so having a personal air purifier by your side can improve your health and your life.  Enter Sprimo, the “go-to” product for people who want the best quality air in the personal spaces they work, play or sleep. Unlike traditional air purifiers that focus on large square footage areas to measure success, Sprimo is aimed at improving the quality of life through bursts of clear air instantly. Sprimo’s small, lightweight and nearly silent air purifier is smart and adapts based on people’s issues, from chemicals and dust to seasonal allergens.

Anyone who suffers from allergies can benefit from Sprimo as well as those at higher risks, such as children and the aging. Parents who want to ensure their children are breathing in fresh air while they sleep can place a Sprimo on their bedside table at night. Because Sprimo is light, easily portable and nearly silent, you can bring it to work to improve the quality of air you breathe at your desk every day. Its convenient size also makes it a godsend for travelers who can use it on the road at hotels, gyms, spas, cafes and more. The purifier’s low entrainment air flow works as a shield to block contact by reducing the chance of you breathing an airborne virus by up to 60%. With Sprimo, you can take charge of your health wherever you go.

Sprimo’s new Personal Air Module (PAM) and cloud-based mobile app delivers real-time data on air quality via your smart phone so you can be alerted wherever you may be. Simply plug it into your iPhone and you’re good to go – you’ll be alerted whether you’re breathing in poor quality air or not.

Sprimo showed its latest at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this last week in the health and wellness section at Sand’s Eureka Park. They will be kicking off a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in March where they’ll be taking pre-orders. More information can be found at and via their social media channels @SprimoLabs where you can sign up for their newsletter and be alerted when product is available among other useful tips on improving your lifestyle through healthier air.



Disclosure Note: I provide consulting to Sprimo Labs however all opinions expressed are my own.

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