The Sophisticated Fuji FX1 Camera Has Fast 1.8 Lens & 4x Optical Zoom

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What I like about my initial look at the Fuji Film XF1 is its sophisticated look, so much so that you might think it’s leather. It also has a fast f/1.8 lens which allows poorly-lit subjects to be photographed without raising sensitivity levels, keeping noise to a minimum. Its aperture of f/1.8 with a construction that features 7 lens elements in 6 groups. All elements are subjected to Electron Beam Coating process. The other thing is the size. It is lightweight and has durable aluminum body parts and synthetic leather covering enhance the feel of the camera in the hand, with a texture that resembles genuine leather.

The large CMOS sensor which makes it perform so well in low light is a godsend on top of its 4x optical zoom and 1,080-pixel video recording which make it an overall flexible, versatile and great camera find for road warriors. And, it also comes in three fun colors. Style baby style. It is priced at around £340.


We haven’t tested this out in depth yet, but we saw a preview of it and loved the design and compact size, so we are making readers aware of it. We hope to review the camera in the next few months.

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