The Slick & Oh So Awesome Tesla Model S

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You know a car is awesome when its owner gets on video to tell everyone that he loves Tesla and plans to replace the one that just caught fire with a new one. Either that or the company has a great PR department!

What might have seemed inconceivable just a few years ago Tesla has done, and that is make the electric car hot. The Tesla Model S sets the standard for premium electric performance with its advanced technologies:

  • Engine – The Tesla Model S powertrain delivers exhilarating performance, pushing the car from 0 to 60 in 5.4 seconds without a drop of gasoline!
  • Design – This car features a 50/50 weight distribution, a low center of gravity, and responsiveness and agility that some liken to some of the best sports cars. No wonder Consumer Reports said that “The Tesla Model S is our top-scoring car.”
  • Energy – The Tesla Model S is offered with three lithium-ion battery options: 60 kWh with an estimated range of 230 miles, 85 kWh with an estimated range of 300 miles, and 85kWh Performance with an estimated range of 300 miles but with a faster range of acceleration, more horsepower, and higher top speed.
  • Charging – You can charge a Tesla Model S with a 240-volt or 120-volt outlets at a rate of 29 miles per hour. This means you can achieve a 50% charge in only thirty minutes.

The best feature of the Tesla Model S may well be its all-glass panoramic roof, allowing for a convertible-like driving experience, which we favor.

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