Tamaggo 360livecam, For Immersive Photo & Video Experiences

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Travel photographer alert — meet Tamaggo 360livecam, a lightweight innovative camera that was desgined by a team out of Switzerland.  The camera’s design is egg-shaped and enables immersive experiences, capturing your life and travel memories in 360 degrees. Tamaggo allows you to share your moment in live stream anywhere and in real time.


Yup, There’s a Tamaggo Mobile App Too

The Tamaggo device is a hardware and software combination, which includes integration with an app designed by Fueled NY to help unite people, and thankfully, both IOS and Android are supported.

You can control the camera remotely from the Tamaggo app. Connected with the 360LiveCam, the Tamaggo app will enable you to easily view your content in different modes including something they refer to as a Virtual Reality (VR) mask.

You can share 360 photos and videos, live or on-demand, via direct web links or from your favorite social networks. We love that the app adjusts your content to the right format depending on the platform. In other words, its automated and does the thinking for you, so you don’t have to.


If you’re as prolific as I am on social media (see our main Instagram feed and follow along so you can see just how much time we spend there), you’ll want that social media platform integration. It allows you to connect and reconnect with your friends so they can enjoy all those great travel memories with you regardless of where they are in the world.  

Integrated LCD Touchscreen

For a quick capture of those magic moments, Tamaggo 360LiveCam includes an integrated LCD touchscreen, which we think is a handy feature, particularly for travelers. Rather than wait until you get back to your hotel room or home, you can use the LCD to immediately view and manage your content, set up your preferences and select the capture mode. 

Tamaggo Snaps While You Play

What else is nice is how Tamaggo takes charge when you want to tune off and unwind. Without a structured and traditional frame, it means that Tamaggo will capture a memory, an event, a sports game or an all afternoon beach picnic while you participate. Tamaggo takes over while you do what you want, likely forgetting its presence altogether.

“Photography is so different when

attitude is not focused on a camera.”

The Tamaggo 360 Live streaming capability means you simply immerse yourself in the activity you’re doing and let Tamaggo capture all of it in real time.

With just one click on the Tamaggo beautifully designed device, you can seamlessly capture everything around you in 360 photos and videos and then share them live or on-demand and as noted above, even push them out to your social platforms.

Professional Grade Lens

Since I’m a prolific photographer and while I mostly share snaps on Instagram using my iPhone 7, my Canon 7D is never far from my side. That said, it’s often too heavy or distracting to use my SLR in some situations when I’m on the road, whether that means an upscale restaurant we’re reviewing — see our Instagram foodie feed and restaurant reviews section if you’re serious foodies or simply love great wine.

Let’s just say that restaurant managers would prefer a more subtle capturing of foodie shots in real time. There are also times you don’t want your SLR in a crowded urban city where it may not be all that smart to have an expensive piece of equipment slung over your shoulder.

Tamaggo is discrete because it’s small and light, easy to slide into any backpack or purse. With its professional quality lens, it means you’ll be able to capture professional images even when it’s a bit darker outside — all thought through, so you can feel immersed into the image while capturing quality.

The camera’s single lens requires no framing, rotating, stitching or stabilizing and offers a homogenous high-quality image without distortion even on the edges and in low light.

Tamaggo is Beautiful  

Like elegant products? We do too. Let’s face it — if you’ve read my reviews long enough, you know that I’m a snob when it comes to design. Just because a product is functional — especially if it falls under the technology umbrella — there’s a notion that it doesn’t need to look and be gorgeous, it simply needs to do its “function.”

I’d argue that all products, regardless of their function, should be beautiful, especially if aimed at the consumer market. After all, as travelers, we walk into many situations and places, so why wouldn’t we want to carry something around that looks gorgeous? And….Tamaggo is beautiful.

Virtual Reality & Live Streaming

OKAY my geek friends, take note. Using the unique Tamaggo live stream technology, you can also broadcast 360 degree live videos to anyone, on social media or through a URL link that can be opened from any browser on any device. It even supports VR headsets, for a truly immersive experience.



As mentioned above, the Tamaggo App is compatible with iOS and Android, on tablets and smartphones.

tamaggo 360 livecam

We’re fairly new to using the camera, so I’d expect our results to get better and better. We haven’t let the camera record 360 on video, which is an incredibly useful feature and we only learned how to control the device from our phone on our second trip (it’s dead easy to set up though). We are also finding that using an extender stick will improve your results.


Taken near the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills California

Tomaggo Camera

Taken at the Art Museum in Los Angeles

Tomaggo camera

Taken at a Music Festival in Santa Cruz California

The Tamaggo camera currently comes in two colors: Titanium and White Pearl. For more information including how to order, visit their website.

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