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I recently discovered a wonderful sterling silver jewelry line that offers a variety of fun and diverse pieces, from statement chokers and elegant necklaces to bracelets, earrings and rings. What’s unique about these guys is their diverse offerings – you’d be hard pressed not to find something you fall in love with from their line. I find that most jewelry lines stick to one style, whether that be quaint and elegant or bold and loud — Sterling Forever offers both.

I don’t know about you but I don’t like being pigeonholed into one style or another and sometimes I’m in the mood for a more delicate look (when I’m traveling in New England for example) and sometimes I opt for a bolder look when I’m on America’s west coast or in southern Europe. Rarely do I love so many pieces from one line, so hats off to Sterling Forever’s designers and curators. I’m impressed!

Let’s start with my favorite, their Turquoise-Studded Choker. I was surprised at the weight of this sure to turn heads statement piece; wearing it made me feel like I owned any joint I walked into. Why? The first time I wore it was at a restaurant in southern San Francisco and four women and two men positively commented on it, two of whom had to touch the stones. The second time I wore it, I had a similar experience — they call it a statement piece for a reason.

While you can absolutely wear it for a special occasion, it goes even further in my opinion when worn with a simple black sleeveless top or a button up white blouse and a pair of jeans. It is roughly 14 inches long with a three inch extension and weighs around a pound and two ounces, a better choice for car trips rather than ones that require a flight due to its weight.

I remember just how popular chokers were in the 90’s. Guess what, they’re oh so back in style, even Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne are wearing them.  The main advantage to this trend is its versatility. Chokers can be thick or thin, dainty or heavy-duty, colorful or monochrome, leather or lacy, bejeweled or bare. They can range from extra-casual to ultra-luxe, perfect for dates, nights out, or even formal events that require a little extra flair.

While we only tested out one choker, note that they offer less bulky ones and have plenty to offer any look, including a lacy standout piece, or a delicate, lovely velvet choker. I’ve always loved the layered look which I learned about early on in life from my sister Robyn.

Sterling Forever also has a number of layered choker sets, from the boho-chic look, turquoise, rose quartz and marble charm sets to their sun, moon and star combo sets. They also have chokers that combine gold with leather, gold with suede, and silver chains with black leather.

In addition to fabulous chokers, they have a lovely range of traditional and not so traditional necklaces. I adore their Flower and Crystal Square statement necklace in gold.

This bold, elaborate necklace is sure to dress up any outfit, whether you’re out for a special occasion or you want to dress up a simple jeans and t-shirt look. The colorful zones are what give it so pizzazz and because of it’s sparkles and glitter, I’d suggest a more subdued outfit to pair with it unless you opt to wear it with a classic black dress for a night out on the town.

Statement necklaces can really polish up any ensemble and best of all, Sterling Forever’s give the allure and look of luxury without breaking the bank. Sterling Forever’s necklaces are statement making and head-turning regardless of your taste.

I’m a huge fan of using a statement necklace to add some sparkle, energy or feminine energy to any simple outfit you own. If you want simple and elegant, a simple black choker that will go with nearly everything in your suitcase, then this layered black suede choker is a great option. Like the statement turquoise choker, you can pair this with both casual looks and high-fashion outfits. You can also adjust the length to ensure a perfect fit.

While we don’t typically review rings, they had such an amazing selection we had to know whether the quality of their rings were equal to their necklaces. I fell in love with this Pastel Cable ring, which features stones or varying shapes and colors, all of which jump off your finger at every glance.

Note that you may want to go a half size larger than you typically wear with a thicker ring like this one, particularly if you plan on wearing it in different climates, which we often do when we’re on the road. In the middle of a New England summer, I found that my fingers swell up a bit in hot humidity, whereas in dryer environments, my fingers are a little smaller.

I LOVE this ring! Rather than wear it for a special occasion, I found that I replaced the one I’ve been wearing for years on my right index finger with this precious cable ring. It is bold and unique and like the turquoise choker, this one drew attention. Wherever I went (3 back to back trips), people asked me about it.  It uses a .925 sterling silver and the band design itself is 7 mm at 20 mm. Stones are CZ/cubic zirconia and multi-colored all the way around.

Because it’s sterling, remember that it naturally will tarnish and while some people like a tarnished antique look, those who don’t can clean it up with any silver polish or cleaner available from a local jewelry stores. You can also use warm water with some soap and a toothbrush to clean it.  As always, you don’t want to use a silver cleaner or any chemical cleaner on fashion jewelry as it will eventually discolor the piece.

How about these glam sterling silver roman numeral round dangle earrings?

They’ve also got all kinds of delicate mismatched studs, with moon and stars and their glittering cubic zirconia studs in purple, pink, garnet and peridot are excellent compliments to long dangle earrings, or can be worn on their own for some understated sparkle.

Super understated or want a pair that goes with everything while you’re doing outdoor adventurous activities? Go for their delicate and subtle earring choices.  Check out their pearl ear pin, which is sure to be unlike anything else in your collection, or their set of fun, funky ear cuffs.  We are huge fans of this jewelry line – two thumbs up!!

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