ShaveMate Razors Load Shaving Cream Inside, Saving Luggage Space & Weight for Travelers


ShaveMate, Titan, Diva, all-in-one simplify your shaving, a godsend when you’re on the road. We recently tried out the ShaveMate razors, and here’s what we love:

  • The beautiful curves
  • Great style and design, in other words, not your ordinary razar
  • Nice, clean and smooth shave
  • Comes in black for men or a fun pink for women
  • 6 precision razors means a much closer shave
  • Flex-neck, making it easier to use
  • Shaving cream loaded inside – this is the unique thing we got excited about with the razor and the reason we thought it would be a great option for travelers. It comes loaded with a week (or possibly more depending on how much you use) of shaving cream, making it lighter and easier to carry on the road.
They also have a unique offering where you can save through becoming a member. You simply choose to become a Club ShaveMate Member by selecting one of their razor models — either Diva or Titan and select the quantity level. Pick 3, 6, or 12 month supply then create an account with your billing and shipping details. Then, their team ships you your 3, 6, or 12 month supply of complete 6 blade All-in-One ShaveMate Razors loaded with shaving cream inside. We thought it was a fun, creative idea.
Anthony A Compagnone
Anthony Compagnone is a bilingual speech and language therapist by day and has been helping kids and adults with their speech and language needs for over 20 years in New York.

He is also a keen martial artist and has practiced a number of disciplines from kempo to kung fu and everything in between.

Also a champion of his two incredible kids, yoga, hiking and traveling, he contributes to We Blog the World about family travel, hotel and product reviews and of course culture, where his language skills are a huge asset. He speaks 5 languages but is most proficient in English, Spanish and French.
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