New NAPK-IN Food Search App Makes It Easier to Find What You Want!



Many food-search services have so many categories which make us dizzy when searing and often, they don’t suit your needs. If you have a cold, and have cravings for a hot bowl of soup, the existing category-based food search cannot show you all the hot soup places around where you are at any given time. Napk-in solves this problem using a tag-combination structure which categorizes all the foods the way your brain works.  They are catering to the idea that people eat food, not restaurants, allowing you to discover unlikely locations for the perfect delicious sundries you are after.

A new mobile app for food, shown at SXSW, called NAPK-IN, hails from Asia. There’s a gamification component to the app as well. When you napk-in a food item for the first time, you will become a “Patron” of it. But if another user napks-in the same food more than you do, then he or she will take your Patronship. More patronships mean your rank gets higher and you’ll gain a higher reputation in the system. There’s also seamless integration to Facebook and Twitter.

Brook Bentley
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