Fish, Chips But No Bread, Expat Life in Mumbai & a Great TEDx Talk

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Look: Need a 9-minute dose of You Can Do It Inspiration? Check out this TEDx talk about a 15 year old boy who discovered an incredible new method for cancer detection using only his will and the internet.

Listen: Fish, Chips, but no Bread. In 1974, Costa Thomas was a nine-year-old boy and was forced to flee Cyprus for the UK because of the Turkish invasion. In 2008 Cyprus joined the EU and Costa returned to the land of his birth, on promises of EU stability, to open a business and enjoy the warm weather. Sadly, that decision has left a chill in his bones.

Read: Like it or not, the world is getting smaller and you can get McDonald’s just about anywhere. However, can you get a Chicken Maharaja Mac delivered to your door with a soda, smile and no delivery charge? Check out this great article about an aspect of expat life in Mumbai, which reminds us that while the world is certainly getting smaller, cultural variance within a theme can cause even the most familiar things to seem wildly different.

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