Jabra Freeway: In-Car Speakerphone with Virtual Surround Sound

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I discovered Jabra Freeway by accident when I was scouring the web a few weeks ago for webcams, which isn’t related to anything that Jabra makes, although I’ll admit around the time I was also looking at compelling high quality wireless ear phones, something Jabra does make. See our round-up of their latest and greatest we recently put to the test, our favorite being the Jabra Sport Coach.

Jabra Freeway

While Jabra’s ear phones are of top quality and pair easily, this isn’t always the case with Bluetooth ear phones and speakers — we’ve tested many of them and it seems after a short period of time, pairing stops or something else goes wonky. Not the case with Jabra. So far, we’re thrilled with their ear phones and even more thrilled with Jabra Freeway. I’ve been over the moon about using it in my car since they sent us a unit to review.

Jabra Freeway has become a Godsend in a very short period of time. It saves me time since I can now make high quality calls in my car. Previously, bluetooth ear phones would disconnect at will or the quality of the call just wasn’t good enough for calls with clients, vendors or partners. The Jabra Freeway makes it that much easier to manage the zillion calls I need to take in a week — a major two thumbs up for this multi-tasker.

Jabra Freeway

So, what makes it so special? The Jabra Freeway is their most advanced in-car speakerphone. This 3-speaker virtual surround sound speakerphone touts 3 speakers coupled with Virtual Surround Sound. When I first tested it out on a noisy freeway, Anthony said that my voice was so clear, he felt like I was in the same room.

The Jabra Freeway boasts dual-mic noise cancellation which means that it filters out all other noise around you, except for your voice. Background noises and honking cars disappear, so the people you’re communicating with can hear you loud and clear.

They also offer a FMtransmitter, so you can use your car’s sound system to listen to music from your phone.

Notice the clip on the back of the unit. This makes it dead easy to simply clip to the sun visor in your car and because it fits so snugly, it doesn’t fall off or slip when you push the visor up and down. It’s also very slim, so out of the way and barely noticeable.

Here’s another thing we LOVE: unlike many Bluetooth devices which make it complicated to turn on and off (I know we’ve all been there), the Jabra Freeway has an easy switch on the right hand side. You don’t need to hold it in, waiting for that Bluetooth connection either. Automatic pairing is supported – bravo! Once it’s on, its built in voice will let you know it’s on and the same holds true for when you shut it off.

Once you turn it on, it connects automatically, gives you voice guidance, and tells you who’s calling, so that you can stay fully focused on the road. We love this built-in safety feature — hats off to the Jabra engineering team.

The Jabra Freeway is ideal for travelers taking long road trips, particularly for family trips when you’re dealing with noise from the kids in the back of the car. Fully hands-free, you don’t need to worry about finding your wireless headset, turning it on and connecting while you’re trying to drive.

It’s also very lightweight making it a viable option to bring with you on a trip where you may be renting a car away from home. This is particularly useful for business travelers who still need to do calls in their car with clients and staff.

The talk range is up to 10 meters, although I think it’s a tad longer as we also tested it out in the house and could use it up to 3 rooms away.
They tout that the battery and power talk time for the Jabra Freeway is up to 14 hours however we haven’t had the unit long enough to verify. Jabra says that the standby time is up to 40 days.
The unit has two microphones and three speakers (7W) and as noted above, Voice Guidance Spoken prompts guide you with pairing, connection and battery status. It is designed to work with most most Bluetooth enabled devices and also comes with a free app called Jabra Assist.

Also be sure to check out our Technology Section, Gear and Lifestyle Products for more useful solutions and items for when you’re on and off the road.

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