Spiritual Inspiration in Italy’s Titignano Castle for 6 Days in July

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It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Science and Nonduality gathering (SAND Conference)  and have been attending as press for many years now. Although I’ve never been to their European event in Italy, I’ve heard incredible things from attendees. It is meant to be even more intimate than the San Jose event held every October (see our write up from last year and from 2016), which only increases the likelihood of a magical event. And, it’s in stunning Umbria – what’s not to love?

You see, the intimacy and natural surroundings — among other things — is a big part of the magic that SAND offers that so many other spiritual conferences can’t match. It is in part due to the wonderful loving energy from founders husband-wife team Maurizio and Zaya Benazzo who have built a team of like-minded souls to run the event.

In San Jose, their event is at Dolce Mansion and when you’re not in sessions, you can lounge about on the lawn or just connect with other amazing people you can learn from and share insights. Sure, it’s about the incredible speakers, talks and sessions (there are plenty of interactive ones too as well as dance, yoga, meditation, drumming and more) but it’s about the people you meet along the way. Those interactions are transformative for everyone.

Every one I have met through SAND I still keep in touch with today. From yogis, spiritualists, ministers, artists and pagans to great scientists, non-dualists, philosophers, spiritual teachers, thinkers and non-dualists, you’ll find them all under one roof.

Join Maurizio and his team in Italy for six inspiring days in an openhearted exploration to expand and embody our interconnectedness and further our individual and collective evolution.

Hosted in the magnificent Castle of Titignano and surrounded by the astounding panorama of the nature of Umbria, SAND Italy aims to inspire and rejuvenate our shared exploration into the nature of reality. The event is very intimate and family friendly so you can bring your kids, family members and friends to join a playful intelligent community celebrating the mystery of life.

It will be held from July 3rd – July 9th, 2018 in the Titignano Castle, in Orvieto, Italy.

Visit their registration page and frequently asked questions for more information about the event.

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