IMO Camera Straps Are All Things Vibrant, Fun, Creative & Functional

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I came across these IMO Camera straps by accident and fell in love with their design and so, of course I wanted to test them out. If you’re regular readers of We Blog the World, you know we love color, great design and products and style catered to women travelers, since so many product manufacturers limit their options to neutral colors or black.

Have a look at this Classic Damask Navy option and the nice leather edging to it at the end – classy! This option also comes in a Classic Damask Brown option as well.

This jacquard ribbon strap is bottomed up with neoprene which is very soft and comfortable and the length is adjustable from 40 — 50 inches. The Fashion part? Around 26.5 inches and the width is around 1.6 inches. The nyon webbing is 13 inches on each end.

I also learned that they’re not a U.S.-based company, so it was cool to find a creative new discovery with a new twist in….Hong Kong!  Their tagline of sorts is: Personality + Functionality and their straps are tested to hold heavy cameras, so even though they’re gorgeous to look at, you don’t need to worry about carrying an SLR. For quick release straps, they could hold over 90 lbs and for those without quick release, they say that more than 180 lbs could be supported.  As noted above, the ends of the straps are made of leather but the leather color may vary as is the case with most leather products.

Below are some of my favorite designs that popped out on their site:


There are 3 colors of this series: Red, Green & Native Village.  This neoprene strap is made with quick release and it best suits for DSLR with 1/2 inch width brown color webbing which is very sturdy. It has an adjustable length of 44 — 54 inches, the fashion part is around 28 inches, the width around 1.6 inches and the nyon webbing is 13 inches on each end.   This strap goes with the webbing connector, but if wish to change to loop connector, you can by letting them know in advance.

A few more visual eye candy shots for your enjoyment:



These were how mine came packaged and arrived from their Hong Kong facility.

We really love their designs and encourage you to take a look at their website for a favorite of your choice. Think about how often you have your camera around your neck if you’re an avid traveler – why not make a fashion statement when you’re out there making art?

Details can be found at:

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