HyperJuice Battery Packs, a MUST Have for Travelers With iPhones & iPads

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One of the most exciting things I saw at CES this past January was the product line from the HyperJuice guys.  While there were a ton of perhaps more innovative products from a “breaking industry firsts” and beyond, what I loved most about HyperJuice from a traveler perspective – business and personal alike – is its simplicity, its design, its size, its accessibility and unlike so many other products I saw there, it’s RELEVANCE. Who doesn’t need more juice for their devices all the time? HyperJuice battery packs aim to solve that problem, which is a godsend for anyone on the road.

HyperJuice product brands include: HyperJuice – External batteries for Apple MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPod, USB products, HyperDrive – Portable digital data storage products for Apple devices, digital cameras, memory cards,HyperShield – Cases, stylus pens and other accessories for Apple devices, and HyperThin – World’s thinnest most flexible HDMI cables.

Their xternal batteries are for Apple MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPod and USB products. Behind the products is Sanho Designs, which design, manufacture and market IT accessories with a focus on Apple accessories, portable power and storage. Below was their display of their new PLUG product at CES in Las Vegas on the convention show floor.

The Plug 10 boasts twin USB ports and is actually powerful enough to charge TWO iPads at once. This means multi-iDevice families can actually survive long car rides, camping trips, or extended power outages without having to form a line behind the Plug 10 for charging time.

I was so excited about their incredibly sophisticated and rich colors, so slick, how could I NOT want to put this into any bag I was carrying, whether for business or to more remote places, that I contacted them after the fact because I was so interested in learning more and of course, using their products. The HyperJuice Plug (also noted above in pink – the color I went for), which offers 10,400 mAh of power and for crying out loud, look at their wide array of fabulous colors. Other manufacturers could learn a lot from their creative design and diversity.

Then, there’s the HyperJuice Mini, which also comes in a wide array of colors – as many vivacious fun colors as the Plug if not more and for design snobs, women and travelers, it will be sure to bring you a smile. For travelers on the road who are constantly on the go, they know that their iPhone conks out far sooner than it should. The HyperJuice Mini is a must addition for your purse on your next trip. The HyperJuice Mini is a portable charger for your iOS device which claims to charge your iPhone 6 times or extend your iPad’s battery life by 10 hours, and costs $99. It also works for the iPad and you can do both since they provide two ports.

I did mention those fabulous colors right?

Oh, as an aside, just take a look at their design and color choices. Who else does it better? Let’s just say I’m a fan. See my CES round-up on CES as Hyperjuice products are included in my top dozen pics.

Also a great option for the MacBook Pro user so you can really extend your battery life on the road, airplane, train, or car is a HyperJuice Auto/Airline Adapter which includes an adapter that connects HyperJuice battery to the Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter, to power any MacBook. It does require the MagSafe Airline Adapter (sold separately by Apple) but is also compatible with MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter (also sold separately by Apple) . It doesn’t require any modifications however. Their external battery extenders can extend your MacBook Pro time from 20 hours to 45 hours, which will definitely handle any across the world flight.

As an aside, I plan to bring this battery extender on my flight to Finland and Estonia soon and can’t wait to try it out. I think of it as a Godsend to any traveler who is constantly on the go and can rarely find an outlet.

They make it easy to throw into a backpack or into a laptop case and all the ports and the display are on one side and easy to access.  The OLED screen provides detailed battery information like the amount of time you have remaining (power percentage), time to full charge and discharge. There are two iPad-level charging 2.1A USB ports on the front as well as DC in and DC out. The DC in is for charging via the included AC adapter, but you can also charge the battery via DC source like a car or boat. The 12V DC out is for your Mac via an adapter that looks like a car lighter.

I LOVE their products. We Blog the World gives HyperJuice team a two thumbs up and we look forward to seeing what else comes out of their line.

Disclosure: The guys at HyperJuice sent me a few products to play with and use but my opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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