Anti-Aging Technology For Youthful Looking Skin With Osmotics Cosmeceuticals

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I discovered a great new skincare line that is great for anti-aging from Osmotics Cosmeceuticals. We tested out a few of their products, my favorite one being their Blue Copper 5 Prime Instant Exfoliating Facial.

Blue Copper 5 Prime Instant Exfoliating Facial

Blue Copper treatments combine the anti-aging benefits of copper with a powerful “5” chain peptide which works on reducing the signs of aging. Almost immediately, I felt an extra firmness, elasticity and radiance following the exfoliating process. They tout a 2 in 1 ultra-gentle exfoliator which also has ingredients for hydrating the skin, which is so important as we age.

Gentle mannan particles speed cell turnover and remove embedded impurities, eliminating dry, dead skin cells, minimizing pores and improving texture without irritation. If you have particularly sensitive skin, this is meant to really help.



Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin C Patches

LOVE THESE! Who doesn’t want reduced puffiness and lines around their eyes? Patented overnight treatments reduce discoloration and collagen breakdown, and they say, improve facial wrinkles up to 50%.

The patches help to saturate expression lines and deeper facial wrinkles with skin-smoothing, bioavailable Vitamin C. Those who have used anti-aging products before know the value of Vitamin C and because they’re patches that soak into the skin, they help eliminate free radicals and collagen breakdown in the skin. The patches go deep around your eyes and can also be used on your upper lip or any target area on the face for up to ten hours while you sleep.

I tested these out on three different occasions and noticed an improvement particularly around my eye area. The main benefit I saw? The wrinkles seemed to be less severe and were a little smoother, after two uses in my case.

Crease-Less Line Smoothing Filler

This filler uses patented peptides and wrinkle filling spheres to relax and prevent expression lines/creases without needles.

They say that this product includes their strongest combination of anti-wrinkle peptides and a unique micro-algae to enhance topical absorption and their hyaluronic acid wrinkle filling spheres instantly smooth, plump and firm—to visibly improve lined, aged skin. This combination of three cutting edge, anti-wrinkle technologies in one formula is a compelling solution for those who are averse to needle filling at the dermatologist. They recommend Crease-Less as a great companion to Lipofill.

They use anti-wrinkle octapeptide for faster, longer-lasting results and their wrinkle filling spheres smooth and firm the area of the skin where applied. If you have deep expression lines, creases and furrows, then this is a good alternative and a whole lot less painful.

Age Prevention Sheer Facial Tint SPF 45

It’s hard to find a tinted sunscreen that has a high SPF factor, so we love the discovery of their SPF 45 that comes in three shades of color, to erase imperfections while enhancing your natural skin tone.

The included Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB sheer, oil-free tints are a great tinted option for daily UV protection. The SPF 45 cream has antioxidant vitamins and Sodium Hyaluronate which also helps smooth and soften your skin as well.

What I loved most about this sun protector cream is its sheer, natural tints which leave your skin feeling moisturized while adding a nice glow to it. So many of the creams I’ve tried leave my skin feeling chalky and oily — this one can be used alone, under or mixed with foundation as well. I also love the fact that it’s oil-free and comes in three different shades (light/medium and dark) and if one isn’t perfect, you can get two shades and mix them.
Unlike most sunscreens, you don’t have that unpleasant film that you often get on your skin. Two thumbs up!
Note: these are my opinions only based on my experience with the products — please refer to your dermatologist and/or doctor to see if they’re a good fit for your skincare needs and skin type.
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