AMZER ShatterProof Screen Protector, a Must Have for Adventure Travelers

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I recently discovered the AMZER ShatterProof Screen Protector on of all places The Today Show. No, I didn’t view it from my living room but happened to be on the set recently in their New York City studio when Mario Armstrong was testing it out as one of his top picks from CES for a segment. Next to a bunch of screen protectors was a hammer, which I figured was for another product. Not the case.

The hammer was there to prove a point….that you could in fact, pound the iPhone with the AMZER ShatterProof Screen Protector on it and  your device would be safe.

It’s not as if I immediately wanted to put my own iPhone to the test but they did do the “hammer” test there and alas, the iPhone was fine.

And, if you’re not sure I’m telling the truth about the hammer test, also check out their Scratch, Hammer, Sand and Drill tests.

The screen protector is a super thin urethane film at only 0.2 mm thick. The protector is scratch resistant, stress resistant, drop resistant and a has special self healing capability with dissipative functioning embodied – it is virtually indestructible making your iPhone 5 unbreakable!

AMZER ShatterProof Screen Protector’s extreme grade protection making the iPhone 5 shatter and shock proof. ShatterProof uses the physics concept of dissipation, dissipation embodies the concept of a dynamical system where important mechanical modes, such as waves or oscillations, lose energy over time.

ShatterProof does exactly the same to protect devices from drops and shocks, drops and stress which wireless devices usually don’t survive – which is why the name ShatterProof.   It also protects your phone from dirt and dust as well.

AMZER also has other products, such as adapters, chargers, cases and more and they support other products too such as the Blackberry, Apple, HTC, Palm, LG, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung.

I thought this was PERFECT for travelers who are constantly on the move and who btw, are more likely to drop their phone, leave their phone or even have it fall off the top of a mountain or off the side of a boat. While AMZER can’t really help your phone at the bottom of the sea, it can help protect it on its boat tumbles before it makes it there.


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