Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort for 5 Star Luxury in Cancun

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Before our driver made his way up to the long drive of the 5 star Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort in Cancun, I couldn’t get over the size of it. Spread out to our left and right were lush trees and vegetation that didn’t appear to be inhabited and so, I asked the driver. He informed us that there was a Jack Niklaus Signature golf course on site with 27 holes and was a main draw for many Americans.
No wonder I thought and couldn’t help but think of my friend Steve who is an avid golfer and would be in heaven about now, especially if he learned that golf was unlimited. Yup, that’s right — unlimited golf. While I’m not much of a golfer despite the fact that I own a decent set of clubs and am known to have a natural swing, I soon learned that not unlike my Hard Rock Hotel experience in the Dominican Republic, a ton of things are unlimited during your stay at Moon Palace.
All inclusive resorts make a lot of sense for families and for millennial travelers, especially when a resort offers so many extracurricular activities like the Moon Resort in Cancun does. Let’s start with the grounds and the water magic at Moon Palace given that this is my favorite part of any stay since it allows you to get lost in nature.
Moon Palace adult pool

Relaxing at one of their many pools one late afternoon at sunset

Moon Palace Grounds

This Mexico-based Palace Resorts property is divided into sections, which are really three separate resort buildings all under the Moon Palace brand: Sunrise, Nizuc and The Grand, where we stayed, and also where they offer the most upgraded rooms and suites.
Moon Palace Grounds

A view of the beach during one of our walks

Moon Palace Grounds

Beautiful bird life on the grounds

Moon Palace courtyard

Anthony practicing his martial arts in the pretty courtyard below our room.

Moon Palace Swing Bar

The Swing Bar – yes, there’s a bar where you can order a drink on a swing. Yes, really! How fun, right?

Moon Palace Grounds
Moon Palace Grounds
Moon Palace Grounds
Moon Palace Grounds
Moon Palace Grounds
Moon Palace Grounds
The above shots were taken during a walk through the grounds at The Grand.  Below is the water slide which is adjacent to the Playroom and other outdoor activities for kids (also located at The Grand).
Moon Palace Grounds water park

The water park for kids is massive

Water Magic at Moon Palace

Note that there’s also a playroom at Nizuc and Sunrise, so if you have kids in tow, staying in any of the areas will work. There’s also a FlowRider which we didn’t try, located in the Sunrise section of the resort.
Moon Palace Cancun Resort
The FlowRider Double Wave Simulator creates two lanes of perfectly endless waves, pumping thousands of gallons of water over a riding surface. You can “drop in” in your own unbroken wave if you like, carve a turn, do maneuvers and cut back — it’s a fun activity to do as a family. While kids can body board on the FlowRider, the more advanced and adventurous types can use the stand-up flow boards.
Along the beach, paddle boards are also available to use depending on your comfort level and skill. I’m a huge paddle boarder and love the sport however our trip turned out to much more focused on reading, research, food and catching up on work poolside, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. That said, I wished we had gotten out on a boat or a paddle board while we were in Cancun.
While the beach is always the first place we retreat to when we land at a resort, it’s not always warm enough to swim in depending on what part of the world you’re in and time of year. Because Cancun is situated on the northeastern edge of Mexico‘s Yucatan Peninsula, the water is pretty warm anytime of year. Warm enough to swim in? Yes, yes and yes and we did. Going for a beach walk is also a must, especially at sunset
That said, I’m also a fan of pools as well, especially if they’re heated.  While not all of the pools are heated throughout the property, several of them are including my favorite pool: the Adult pool.
Moon Palace Adult Pool

Moon Palace Adult Pool at The Grand

Moon Palace pools

Along one section at The Grand, there is a long thin pool that is connected to some of the rooms, just off their patio. Gorgeous right?

Moon Palace Pool

Pool shots were taken at the Cusco pool, where there is also a swim up bar for fun cocktails like Strawberry Daquiris and Pina Caladas

Moon Palace Hotel pools

Top photo is along the beach in front of The Grand and lower right is at the Adult Pool

Moon Palace Pools

Other Moon Palace pools throughout the property

Moon Palace

Relaxing at the Adult Pool

Moon Palace

Cocktails at the Moon Palace Cusco Pool

AWE Spa Magic at Moon Palace

One of the biggest gems at Moon Palace is its luxury spa: AWE.  Be sure to read my separate write-up on the spa. Because we have several sections dedicated to wellness and it’s a big part of our site, also check out our wellness section as well as our section on spas and retreats.

Massage options at AWE Spa include deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, as well as holistic and citrus massages and they have individual experiences which include body treatments for total renovation, soul breathe, relaxing and ones that involve citrus, freshness and scents.

We love anti-aging facials so was thrilled to see a Vitamin C and Ceutical facial on the menu. They also have an Essential Shock Intense facial, a balancing one as well as something they refer to as Diamond Energy.

While they offer the traditional treatments you’d expect to find at an upscale spa, the real magic is in the hydrotherapy room. The sounds and colors are so relaxing that you won’t want to leave — a hot tub is located on one side and a cold dipping pool on the other.

Moon Palace
Moon Palace
There are water jets in the main pool that relax your shoulders and back. I’m also a fan of their warming beds which you can lounge on before or after a treatment. They also have a hot sauna and all of it is pure bliss.

Moon Palace Entertainment

Moon Palace Cancun also offers entertainment on site with different types of shows in the main theater each night. Apparently Backstreet Boys are coming later in December, so we just missed them by a few weeks.
While they didn’t have any ‘famous’ celebs performing while we were there, we attended one of the shows, which included a combination of variety, acrobatic/dance and circus acts as well as a clown.
Moon Palace
Other shows included Michael Jackson music, dance performances and even magic shows, which are great for kids. The theater is located in the main building at The Grand and if you are booking a family trip, you’ll be happy to know there’s popcorn on the premises as well, so it feels like a night out on the town, even though you can walk ‘home’ to your room.

Cultural Cuisine at Moon Palace

One of the things that Moon Palace takes pride in is its restaurants and the diversity of their food offerings. From Mexican, Peruvian and Italian to Lebanese, Asian and French, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. Be sure to read my comprehensive write-up on the food offerings at Moon Palace, where cultural cuisine is most definitely embraced.
Moon Palace Food

A few shots taken in the main Buffet at The Grand

Moon Palace food

Salmon Tiraditos, with edible flowers served at Cusco, the Peruvian restaurant on-site.

Moon Palace

Creme Brulee at the French Restaurant Le Chateau where we dined on my birthday. More delicious edible flowers accompany the dessert.

Moon Palace

One of our favorite stops (every day actually) was at the French patisserie in the lobby, conveniently located near the walkway that took us to our room. They had scrumptious French chocolates and macarons in a variety of flavors. You can also get ice cream, teas, baguettes and cappuccino here. It’s worth noting that this is included in your ‘all inclusive’ offerings.

Moon Palace Rooms

Moon Palace Cancun offers a number of room and suite options. We had a one bedroom suite in a building close to the lobby area. The benefit of this location is that it’s close to all of the restaurants and lobby activities (including the fabulous French patisserie) however the downside is that you don’t have a beach view. The other benefit is that the closer buildings to the main lobby area at the Grand make it a quick walk to the Adult Pool, which was my personal favorite, especially if you’re there for a romantic getaway and not on a family trip.
Some room and suite options include Superior Deluxe with an ocean view (some rooms have hammocks on their patios), a Superior Deluxe Resort View, a Garden View room, a Junior Suite with a view of the golf course (a golf lover’s delight), a Family Superior Deluxe, and rooms on what they refer to as the Concierge Level, which also has special perks.

Moon Palace Resort & Spa

Moon Palace Resort & Spa

Moon Palace Resort & Spa

Moon Palace Resort & Spa

Notice that all the room photos show a whirlpool tub right in the room, which is similar to my experience at the Hard Rock. Wellness Suites provide access to the Wellness Pool, aqua spinning bikes and a private instructor. There’s also the Ambassador Suite, which is a great option if you want an upscale experience or if you are traveling with kids and want plenty of space.

Moon Palace

Our patio looked a bit like this one but with a different view. This outdoor patio is part of one of the family superior deluxe suites.

Because it’s an all inclusive resort, the perks extend to your rooms. For example, in our room, there were bottles of whiskey and other spirits, as well as a fully stocked fridge with water, soda, beer, and snacks. If you book the Family Superior Deluxe Suite, you also get Hershey’s milkshakes in your mini-bar.

Moon Palace Cake

Because it was my birthday, the chef made a birthday cake in the shape of my Canon camera — and while it looks just like a camera, I can assure you it was edible and….delicious. I was surprised by the moistness of the vanilla creamy inside. What a lovely touch – two thumbs up. #ThePalaceLife

T’is the Season

This may have been the first time I’ve ever traveled for my birthday, so it was nice to have birthday cakes throughout the week (yup, I’m a Sag!).  It’s always so close to Thanksgiving (and sometimes ON Thanksgiving) so traveling usually isn’t in the cards.

We were also lucky to be there at the beginning of December, so the resort was decorated for the holiday season. My favorite ‘holiday feature’ was the massive festive Christmas tree in the lobby.

Moon Palace

If you’re heading to a beach side resort, it’s good to know if there’s shopping on-site, especially if you forget something. The Moon Palace Cancun gift shops sell beautiful jewelry, swimsuits, sandals, shoes, hats, dresses, cover-ups and more.

Moon Palace

Moon Palace

On our final night, we hung our hat at the Steak House. Lower left is taken at the Habibi Lebanese restaurant earlier in the week. Photos from our dinner can be found in our cultural cuisine write-up on Moon Palace Cancun.

For more information on how to book, the room rates and the special offers Moon Palace Cancun has, head on over to their website. BTW, on-site, they can also set up side cultural and adventure tours to nearby tourist attractions as well.

Cancun & Surrounding Area

As much as I am a cultural enthusiast and am always interested in the historical traditions wherever I go, this trip was all about R&R, reading books (we have two dedicated section to book reviews now – a general one and one for spiritual reads) and spending time in the water as much as possible. Because of that, we didn’t head north where ruins and other tourist attractions lie. I’d strongly recommend that you do however, especially Tulum.

As for its history, much like Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and the entire Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun was originally home to the Maya people, and scattered remains of that culture still dot the landscape. Nearby, you can get day tours to historical gems like Tulum, Mayan ruins, or for adventure enthusiasts, you can go snorkeling, kayaking or zip lining.

We didn’t have a positive experience with one of the local tour operators, so I’d suggest booking directly through the hotel or getting a private driver for a day and going solo.

Don’t forget to check out our review of the AWE Spa at the resort and our overall Spa Reviews section for reviews of great spas around the world. Also be sure to read our Hotel & Resorts section of the site as well as our comprehensive article on the food and wine offerings at Moon Palace, where cultural cuisine is the order of the day.


Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
Carretera CancunChetumal Km. 340
Riviera Maya, 77500
Cancun QROO – Mexico
(800) 986-5632
For more information, visit their website.
Note: we were hosted by the hotel property but all opinions expressed are entirely our own.
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