World TV and Video versus The Real World

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I’m really happy to announce that I’ve been commissioned to create a narrative video series for World TV, a national broadcast channel and part of the Corporation of Public Broadcasting. The series will also be distributed on the web at WORLDcompass.

The thematic monthly series extends into 2011, will be short in format and will generally include me exploring how technology and the web is affecting our lives. This is great because it’s something I’m deeply interested in and a topic I’ve been exploring for quite some time now. It’s also great because documentaries and non-fiction work is part of my blood, so to merge it with the work I’ve been doing online is more than I can ask for!

Below is a preview of the video work that I’ll be doing for WORLDcompass/World TV. This one is titled Video vs the Real World and explores my push and pull with creating personal videos for the web.

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