Angry Pigs on TWIT

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Episode 275 of TWiT includes host Leo Laporte, Kevin Rose, David Prager and myself talking about the week’s happenings in the tech world. It was my first time on TWiT, so it was a lot of fun chatting with folks I’ve been watching since The Screen Savers days (used to watch it religiously). Throughout the years we’ve run in similar circles (Epic Fu was on Rev3 for a bit), but this was the first time I got to (virtually) sit down and have a conversation with Leo.

This episode is also pretty funny because my connection keeps dropping out. So embarrassing! Check the video out at the 16:53 mark. Haha! Leo and the crew were pretty understanding… but my rage for Time Warner continues to burn. :)

You can check out what’s happening Live now at  A repost from Tumblr.

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