From Pony Trekking to Hot Air Ballooning

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There is a time in your life when a holiday to the seaside and cruises become just a little old and tired and you’d like to do something a more daring, adventurous or just plain different. This is the perfect time to start planning a unique holiday – whether it is intended as a family reunion or a romantic getaway. How does pony trekking in Spain, hot air ballooning in Egypt or hill walking in the Scottish highlands sound for your next special getaway?

Pony Trekking for Family Reunions

We’re so used to motoring around the country-side in a rented car that we fail to see how much of the countryside we’re actually missing out on. Following a horse trail, however, will take you right into the very heart of nature so you can explore even the hidden corners of your destination. It is also a perfect way to show your kids an exceptional outdoor adventure. Some top pony trekking destinations include Spain’s Andalucían coast with its sand dunes, remote villages and pine forests, the Irish countryside with its rolling green hills and craggy coastline and a horseback safari in Botswana to spot your shyer species of wildlife.

Hot Air Ballooning for Honeymoons and Anniversaries

What could possibly be more romantic than taking a hot air balloon ride over the West Bank of the Nile and being 1000 feet above this great ancient civilisation? Hot air balloon rides set off just before sunrise in Egypt, so guests can see the Theban Necropolis bathed in an orange sunrise. Other possibilities for your hot air ballooning adventure include a ‘balloon safari’ over Kenya‘s famous Masai Mara where you can spot African wildlife from above, and country style hot air balloon rides in England where you can enjoy views of picturesque patchwork fields. For those looking for romance and adventure, a hot air balloon holiday is just the ticket.

Hill Walking or Rambling for Retirement Holidays

People often claim that walking is the best exercise and there is nothing quite as refreshing and good for the soul as a long country walk. This is probably the reason that rambling and hill walking have become such popular activities for holidays, especially among the older generations. As far as rambling destinations go, the Celtic countries come out tops. So, if you love a good country walk now is your time to book that ticket to Scotland, Ireland or even Wales.

The Wicklow mountains near Dublin are a good starting point for your walking holiday in Ireland, as they offer a variety of terrain including magical valleys, forests, waterfalls and lakes. In fact, you might even spot a fairy or two on your walk. If you decide to head north towards Scotland instead, the Highlands will not disappoint. Some walking holiday packages include trips to the beautiful Isle of Skye and the romantic Outer Hebrides where you’ll walk past deep blue lochs and over hills draped in purple heather.

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