Don’t Shoot! I’m the Guitar Man to Bring Attention to At Risk Youth

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Check out an interesting upcoming film Don’t Shoot! I’m The Guitar Man. Their story is based on the recently released book by Musician, Author, and Child Advocate Buzzy Martin. The movie is response to thousands of today’s youth who are participating in dangerous lifestyles that could have them in and out of correctional institutions or worse, life in prison. The goal of the film is to bring attention to this growing epidemic.

The Story:

A ‘failed’ musician tries to save the souls of at-risk youth and San Quentin prisoners and along the way discovers the true gift of his music… and the deeper meaning of freedom.


Buzzy Martin chose the freedom and uncertainty of a music career over a job on an assembly line. He is now middle-aged, financially struggling, feeling like a failure, ready to give up music forever. By teaching music classes to at-risk youth, he becomes committed to saving at least one kid from throwing his freedom away for the ‘stability’ of prison life.  He discovers that sharing his music has a positive impact on both hardened convicts and at-risk youth.

Designing Principle:

A fallen angel (musician) travels to the recesses of hell (prison) to secure knowledge needed to save lost souls (throwaway kids).  While there, he discovers that even demons (prisoners and officers) respond to Divine gifts (music), and heaven on earth (fulfillment, love) is possible if we use our free will/freedom to express who we really are.

Moral Question:

How do you use freedom / free will for the highest good for yourself and others?

The Impact:

The purpose of the film is to bring awareness to the problems facing our youth every single day; to help stem the tide of this fast growing epidemic, and to challenge our officials to embrace and implement policies that encourage Education Not Incarceration.


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