The Mountain Village of Sulav in Iraq's Kurdistan

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We ended up in the village of Sulav in the Kurdistan part of Iraq. It wasn’t the initial plan to visit Sulav, however we decided to hitch a ride there after exploring the amazing mountain village of Amadiya.  It sits in the mountains in a dreamy location, and is a tiny village, so small that it seemed to be centered around one main road!

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Great Mountain Views:  You can see Amadiya from here – it sits proudly and loftily on the top of the adjacent mountain top and offers really great views. Take your time to scale the edge of the village and admire the views.

Shopping:  Iraq doesn’t sell souvenirs the way the rest of the world does, thankfully. But, in Sulav you can pick up a few Kurdish type souvenirs such as key rings, badges and flags. A few roadside stalls are probably better for local kids and is where toys and sweets are sold.

kids treats iraq

Custom Built Waterfall: There’s actually a fake waterfall alongside a miniature park, an idea brought on by from the local Kurds.

fake waterfall sulav iraq

Makeshift Tourist Resort: They have a hotel should you decide to stay for awhile.

touristy sulav backpacking in iraq

Markets: there’s a market area which includes a shopping area for food and also some restaurants.

sulav markets iraq

Proximity to Amadiya: Of course the main reason to come to Sulav was either on route to or on the way back from Amadiya – a really special mountain top village. While Sulav is its young baby brother, you’ll pass through it on route, so you might as well make a stop here as it has some charming elements to the place.

sulav and amadiya

Hitch Hiking from Amadiya to Sulav then onto Qadash: It was a surprise to learn that hitch hiking in Iraqi Kurdistan is not only very safe, but sometimes the only way to get from place to place.

hitch hiking in iraq



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