The Aftermath of the Tragic Bangladesh Factory Building Collapse

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Many may have read about the tragic collapse of a garment factory complex in Bangladesh this past month. According to HuffPo, “A Benetton Chief executive said Benetton bought shirts from a company called New Wave Style, which operated one of the several garment factories inside the Rana Plaza building. The collapse of the building in an industrial suburb of Dhaka in late April took the lives of more than 800 people. One of Benetton’s suppliers in India had issues fulfilling orders, and offered the option to relocate a portion of its work to several manufacturers located in Bangladesh.”

Above, a girl cries for her missing mother at the site of the garment building factory that collapsed Wednesday in Savar, near Dhaka, Bangladesh, Saturday, April 27, 2013. Police in Bangladesh took five people into custody in connection with the collapse of a shoddily-constructed building this week, as rescue workers pulled 19 survivors out of the rubble on Saturday and vowed to continue as long as necessary to find others despite fading hopes.

Photo credit: Associated Press Photo/Wong Maye-E

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