Finland’s All Women SuperShe Island Opens in June

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You probably haven’t heard of SuperShe Island yet because it’s brand new. Imagine an island solely dedicated to R&R and rejuventation for women? That’s right, an island just for women. SuperShe Island is the official headquarters of something founder Kristina Roth calls the SuperShe Society.

SuperShe Island - Kristina Roth - Finland

Natural Beauty & Remote Travel at its best — SuperShe Island, an exclusively all women private island open for reservations starting in June (photo credit: SuperShe)

SuperShe Island: Where Luxury Meets Nature & Self-Care

This private island hidden-away in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Finland is a an 8.4 acre stretch of land that only accommodates ten people. It is home to four newly renovated cabins, spa amenities, Finnish saunas, and facilities.

SuperShe Island

Frills in nature. Photo credit/courtesy: SuperShe

Whether you are seeking a retreat or a solo woman traveler, SuperShe Island will offer daily wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, farm-to-table dining, cooking classes, fitness classes, nature activities, and more.

“Women need to spend time with other women. SuperShe Island is a rejuvenating and a safe space where women can reinvent themselves and their desires. A place where you can recalibrate without distractions.”

– Kristina Roth, Founder of SuperShe 

Roth came from the world of business consulting and like so many who have become disillusioned with a fast paced urban life, she realized less is more. She sold a successful business and bought an island in the Finnish archipelago – yes, really!

SuperShe Island Finland

In the stunning Finnish Archipelago. Photo credit/courtesy: SuperShe

While it’s a private island (membership only, so she vets who gets to come and stay), her primary goal is to build a global community of what she refers to as “kickass women” and thereafter build collaborations and partnerships, which she asserts will organically evolve.

We’re keen on her idea and applaud the courage because quite frankly, we need more havens for women. It will no doubt be a “tres cher” ticket to stay here given the exclusivity of the island and the fact that it’s so small. While this may seem elitist to some, I think this idea will ultimately inspire other women to build similar private havens elsewhere in the world and likely affordable and less exclusive options will emerge as a result. This is how it always works.

Kristina and team plan to cater to wellness, fitness, beauty, and spirituality and of course since we’re primarily focused on wellness and spirituality for a luxe audience, it’s definitely in alignment with the kinds of things we get excited about. And then there’s its raw nature, more remote and pure than most places you’ll visit in the world — from views and trees to sunsets and fresh air.

SuperShe Island

Photo credit/courtesy: SuperShe

SuperShe Island

Photo credit/courtesy: SuperShe

SuperShe Island

Photo credit/courtesy: SuperShe

And, let’s face it — SuperShe Island has a great ring to it (a Wonder Woman/Super Power quality to it) and it’s definitely off the beaten path. Women are known to do retreats and escapes with other friends to the Caribbean, Hawaii and urban hot spots like Paris and London, but less well known is Scandinavia for most.

And, the digs look pretty sweet with frills catered to a queen, at least from the initial images we’ve seen, although truth be told, we haven’t seen it first hand yet.

SuperShe Island bedrooms

Your sleeping quarters on the Island. Photo credits/courtesy: SuperShe (above and below)

Finland and the Finnish archipelago is known for raw natural beauty, from its stunning rocky cliffs, rough and wild coast, its stunning evergreen trees, mystical sunrises, bird life and beyond.

Albeit remote and feels as if it’s far away from everywhere and everything, SuperShe Island is only about an hour and a half from the Helsinki Airport. More information can be found on their website including how to apply for membership. They plan to start taking reservations starting in June 2018.

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