Books to Ignite Your Consciousness This Spring


Get ready for an amazing list of books to read this Spring. While many of us around the world had to go inward during the outbreak of the Coronavirus, it required us (and still continues) to go inward and reflect on what’s most important in our lives. It has also given us time to read some of the books we’ve been wanting to read for awhile and get introduced to new ones.

We’ve put together an incredible list of spiritual and reflective reads, from quantum fields, ancestral healing, plant and herbal medicine to crystals, yoga, sacred geometry, understanding the moon, our physical bodies through alignment, alien angels, gnostic gospels and more. Join us on a journey of self discovery this spring, starting with the newest release from renowned author and visionary Gregg Braden.

Wisdom Codes

Language holds power is it not? We’ve known for awhile now that the words we say out loud have an impact on our psychology and even our health. This isn’t new — the power of intention through the use of words is something that has been talked about for awhile now.

That said, one of the things that isn’t as regularly discussed is the power of the FREQUENCY of words and how that can not just impact what kind of realities we have in our day-to-day lives, but how the structure of words and phrases can perhaps unlock something deep within ourselves we didn’t know existed.

Renowned teacher, thought leader and author of the Divine Matrix and countless other fascinating books, Gregg Braden takes us on a riveting read and journey. He brings us into the new discoveries in biology and the neurosciences which are essentially revealing how the structure of language-the words we think and speak-can actually change the way the neurons in our brains and hearts connect.

So while yes, we may inherently understand at some level that the ‘self-talk’ we say to ourselves (and others) can have a direct correlation on the experiences we have in our lives, we may not realize just how strong of a ‘field’ the structure of our words can have on not just our well-being but the entire ‘story of our life’ from start to finish.

He so beautifully reminds us that our ancestors understood the connection to the frequency of sounds including the words we speak, intuitively. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors created specific word-patterns to provide comfort, healing, strength, and inner power in difficult times, and they encoded these powerful words through things we still use today, such as prayers, chants, mantras, hymns, and sacred writings. It was if you like, a way to preserve them for future generations.  

While we haven’t yet finished the book, we are flying through the chapters. You can use this amazing book as a pocket guide, a reference for spiritual study, or as a gift to someone you care about, for it contains some of the secrets to the kingdom within — the magic that we as humans can all access with awareness and commitment to do so.

Braden refers to them as Wisdom Codes and by using these codes (understanding how they work as frequencies to unlock memories of wisdom we all have), we can bring in some really deep and profound healing for ourselves.

These so called ‘wisdom codes’ can be used to heal loss, grief, unspoken fears and traumas ‘stuck’ in our own DNA as well as family members and friends. Waking up to this awareness can bring forth a new and enriching empowerment in our own lives.

In this awe-inspiring book, he explains how each Wisdom Code, distilled from a quote, a scripture passage, or a parable has meaning. He provides an explanation of what these codes mean, why it’s important, and how to apply it in your life.  Wisdom Codes is a new Gregg Braden release and can be found on Amazon.

Wild Remedies

We are huge believers in using herbal medicine to heal and have covered this in depth in the past. This wonderful read on Wild Remedies: How to Forage Healing Foods and Craft Your Own Herbal Medicine by Rosalee de la Forêt & Emily Han outlines what you need to know about creating your own magic, from nature itself which we find is often the best medicine there is for self-healing.

Sadly as a global society (especially in the west) we’ve been turning more and more to pharma as the way to heal ourselves. In doing so without going within, we have given up our power to understand or own bodies and realize the inherent wisdom within — that inward wisdom that truly understands how to heal ourselves.

The authors write about the KEY ingredient that so many people are missing which cannot be bottled… NATURE itself! They weave in the research which shows that a lack of nature connection may be causing many of our modern health problems. This should be no surprise to many.

The more we are turning to digital devices as our comfort, the more we have lost real personal connections (and physical touch) with others. And, the more we have spent time indoors or distracted by noise and beeps from our social media accounts or text messages.

Wild Remedies is a great guide to becoming deeply connected to the natural world around you. They walk you through how to ethically collect local plants, whether you live in an urban, suburban, or rural environment. Regardless of where you live, there are plants and herbs you can grow yourself inside and out. From these plants, you can begin to make your own healing herbal creations to enhance your own well-being.

The book brings you into the world of herbal medicine with 75 delicious recipes and powerful healing remedies. You learn about over twenty of the most important and commonly found wild plants, so many of which you can grow yourself. The authors hope that after reading Wild Remedies, you’ll never look at your backyard, a public park, or any green space in the same way again. Instead of “weeds,” they assert, you’ll see delicious foods like Dandelion Maple Syrup Cake, Nettle Frittata, and Chickweed Pesto. From plant concoctions and herbal oils, to salves, teas, and many other remedies, you’ll become a master at understanding the natural world in a new and profound way.

Find this great read on Amazon.

The Practice of Nada Yoga

This great and easy read by Baird Hersey offers readers some great meditation exercises that focus on what is called “the inner sacred sound.” There are four levels of sound he asserts, which help to still the body, quiet the mind, open the heart, and ultimately connect with the Divine.

If you’re a yogi but haven’t practiced or experienced Nada Yoga, this is a great book to start with — the foreward is actually by Krishna Das as well so is well supported.

Hersey covers principles from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika with fairly easy step-by-step instructions so you can learn how to claim if you like, that inner sacred sound of Nada for yourself. For each of the four levels of sound, he gives you various practical exercises to do with meditations. 

Not only does this provide a clear and compelling understanding of the practice itself through regular use and exercises, but offers ways for the more advanced practitioner to go even deeper into their experience.

If you want to learn to listen more — listening to what is — listening to the silence — listening to what isn’t — and everything in between. Simply put says Hersey, it is the “yoga of listening.”

In their words: “It is a journey from the noise of the external world inward to a place of peace and bliss, to the source of the transformational power of sound–the Nada. By meditating on the inner sacred sound of the Nada, we can release ourselves from mind chatter and obsessive thinking.”

Like most yoga and meditation practices, it is an art form that we hone and refine the more we do it. As with everything, it’s powerful the more you do it. The goal if there is such a thing in yoga and meditation, is to still the body and quiet that monkey mind of ours so we can find the gems and high self gnosis and inner healing from within. Once in this place of bliss, what emerges is an innate understanding of ourselves — and in doing so, we start to allow our heart to lead on a regular basis.  Find it on Amazon.

The Body Clock 

The Body Clock in Traditional Chinese Medicine by Lothar Ursinus is a must read. We’ve always embraced Chinese medicine and alternative practice, far before we began to do our spiritual work. What makes this book such a joyous read is that its short, sweet and easy-to-navigate but it also pulls in all the emotions associated with each organ. In other words, what emotions may trigger physical issues within the body and why.

The clock piece of the book correlates the organs with timing of the day. In other words, did you know that the strongest activity for the heart is from 11 am to 1 pm and the weakest time is from 11 pm to 1 am? It is considered “our sun organ, the center of all movements.” I love that analogy.

There are also some beautiful charts throughout the book as well, so you can tune into all aspects of each organ. Included in the chart for all the organs are things like: the endocrine system, associated planet, associated metal, the season, the basic function, the bodily function, the body tissue and more. Even the so called ‘quality is included.’ For example, the quality for the small intestine is respect and unconditional life whereas the quality for the kidneys is personal orientation or the journey within. Emotions around the kidney include fear, terror and will power.

Also in the charts are symptoms of disease related to each organ — for the kidney, it could be something simple like a head cold or a nosebleed or blocked nose as examples. With the lungs, it can be coughing and sneezing and for the colon, it can show up as constipation, shoulder pain or aching arms. Some of it is obvious and other aspects are things you’d never expect. The author asserts that there is a right time for everything, which is equally true for our bodies — this includes what to eat and when btw.

Simply put, respecting the fixed times that the organs need to rest will help you optimize your health and well-being. If we can better understand what influences certain body ailments and why, we can then change our lifestyle to improve our overall system, from the diet we have, the exercise we do or don’t do and when. You can find it on Amazon.

Ancestral Healing

We all need ancestral healing. This wonderful short but amazing read is more of a guide to healing, both for your spiritual and genetic families. Many speak of healing of either one or the another, so I love that authors Jeanne Ruland & Shantidevi weave in both in an easy to understand and approach way.

This practical guide to shamanic ancestor work, which is inspired by Huna includes a number of guided rituals and exercises, which we found incredibly helpful. 

The book dives into how to heal traumatic experiences and old blockages that are stored in the memory of your lineage. You see, we all lock things into our DNA, some of which isn’t healthy for us in our “here-and-now” bodies and lives. By understanding what the triggers, memory imprints and trauma are and how to release them, we can clear old wounds that don’t serve us while tapping into knowledge that can assist is on our journey in this lifetime.

This treasure of a read includes Hawaiian teachings about spiritual and genetic ancestors and reveals how to bond with your spirit family. It also shows you how unlocking the support of your ancestors enables you to shine your light fully. Why not tap into the best of your ancestors lineage while healing the aspects which bring you pain?

Knowing your ancestral lineage is not only a matter of curiosity, they write, but your life path will unfold with much more ease if you are aware and in harmony with your origins. “Exploring the heritage of your bloodline as well as the energy of your spiritual family, which we are often less aware of, opens you up to enormous potential for healing and self-development.”

The authors assert that the energy field of our ancestors influences our personal lives and teach us how we can draw from their strength as well as liberate ourselves from burdens that have been carried over generations. In other words, it helps us to lift the veil of forgetting and learn from the souls that came before us, by making peace with their and our past hurts and traumas. The book draws upon the Huna Hawaiian shamanic tradition as well as other shamanic and energetic practices. They refer to our ancestors from the Hawaiian tradition (Aumakua, which make up our ancestors and Higher Self), however most cultures have an equivalent. For example, in Japanese culture, they refer to them as the Kami.

There are useful exercises in the book to assist in reconciling with our parents and spiritual family, uncover suppressed matters and family secrets, clear and charge our personal energy field and our family energy field, and awaken the potential of our bloodline. There’s a lot packed into a small book — they also provide short case studies to illustrate how the rituals and exercises have worked for other people. Find it on Amazon.

The Whole Universe Book

This fascinating read by Richard Omura explores the Universe but not in an outward, external way, more of an internal way, where YOU are in the center and part of the whole. 

Not unlike so many new thinkers are saying today in a myriad of ways, which is that there is no space and time – we are space and time. From that perspective, its much easier to get your head around US being the Universe — we are an individual thread of the all (all that is or universal consciousness) and yet we are ALL at the same time. We are both.

He asks, “what is Your personal connection with the All?” After all, aren’t we all as individuals trying to discern how we can best add value to our own lives and to the lives of others? Most people do go on a quest searching for their purpose at least at some point in their lives.

Going with the status quo and operating as a robot doesn’t equate to a joyous and fulfilling life for most people. Once people have a better idea of how they fit into the whole, they ultimately feel more connected and therefore have more meaning and purpose in their lives.

Richard’s book takes you on such a journey. There’s no religious dogma in his book nor does he only take a scientific viewpoint, the combination of which means that both sides of the coin will appreciate his take.

The Whole Universe Book “takes patterns observable in nature and explains how the universe works, even venturing ambitiously into such concepts as how you can achieve eternal life and the spiritual evolution of our civilization.”

He includes ways to apply these ideas to make our lives better, and weaves in such thing as free will, health, positive thinking, meditation and balancing science with spirituality. He reminds us to also have fun and not to take things too seriously and as a way to demonstrate it, he uses the metaphor of the human being as a vehicle — a real one. We explore the Universe through his writings (more of an artistic and creative view of the whole and our purpose), and in doing so, we can open our mind to new possibilities and realities we may not have explored yet as well as new understanding of ourselves, God/Source and everything we are connected to in the whole. Find it over on Amazon.

Alien Angels

Also by Richard Omura is Alien Angels which just with the name alone is going to draw you in, right? Are angels aliens? Are aliens angels? Or a bit of both. Sometimes you feel as if you’re in a dream state when you’re reading the book — but could it be that these ‘beings’ of light be able to communicate with us through our consciousness?

It is said to be “a metaphysical experiment in communicating with purported extra-terrestrial beings that claim to be from a spiritual reality that surrounds us.”

He asserts that we need to explore beyond what we know as truth and reality as we have experienced it — in other words, “the beginning of any attempt at understanding reality is to experiment.” This book is an attempt at that experiment.

Like his other work, it has nothing to do with religion or the angels you might think of in a religious context — but angels that are of energy fields all around us all the time, however we just can’t see them with our physical eyes in this 3D reality so to speak.

There are many life forms around us we simply don’t know – they’re simply operating in a different frequency and this is what Omura explores and attempts to explain in his book. The prologue beginning will give you a flavor of his style: he says: “I was nothing. I was everything. I was meditating. THEN, I stood on the edge of infinity. I gazed with my inner vision (think third eye) at the center of the whole. I saw a new reality, such wonder.” When he discovered this new life form of sorts, he questioned: are you angels or aliens? He wasn’t sure whether he was having a delusionary experience?  They say both and neither. Interestingly enough, in our own channelings, this is often the response we get. Why? Because in a quantum world, there are no absolutes — it’s a perception of our perceived reality. Everything is in fact.

The subhead is The Seraphic Sanscripts. Those from a Judaism background may better know of Seraphims, which apparently only appear in the book of Isaiah. Their name means “burning ones, flying serpents” according to one source, although there are countless on and offline discussions around Seraphims or what is known as Serephim angels, perceived to be close to the “God/Source/light” from many other sources. Omura’s take is a personal one however, so if ready to go on a wild side into a different reality, you’ll find this book captivating. Find this book on Amazon.

Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck

Out of Australia, we discovered  the work of Emily Kisvarda who among other things, offers a uniquely designed Sacred Geometry oracle deck. We have been exploring sacred geometry, weaving it into our work more and more. Why? Because everything is sacred geometry – it can be found in nature all around us and simply put, if you start to learn about the hidden meaning and lessons we can learn from different sacred symbols and number combinations, then magic starts to show up on a regular basis.

Ascension grid & crystal set

She says, “allow the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry to awaken and enlighten every cell of your body and enlighten and nourish the soul.” About the deck and the meaning behind it. Innate in each of us, is an inner understanding of what these objects mean — they just need to be ignited so to speak. 

Emily refers to it as a unique system (49 cards and a guidebook), which allows you to create healing grids (remember that with crystals and stones, we do this as well to enhance healing), and in doing so, you can accelerate healing and get guidance. While they may appear to just be geometric symbols on a page, they are much much more and this is what Emily explains in her guidebook, so you can learn how to use them in empowering and balanced ways.

Once we activate more and more of our inner knowing, it can literally shift our DNA into healthier patterns — think the human blueprint and the cellular structure which makes up you.

The deck is designed to help people learn how to incorporate things like animal totems, colors, sounds, numbers, frequencies, crystals, shapes and vibrations in a way to “enhance your own geometric essence.” She also offers Ascension Grid and Crystal sets and Awakening Template and Crystal Gridding Sets which includes stones (4 x clear quartz points, shungite, moldavite, amethyst, selenite, apophyllite pyramid, lapis lazuli, danburite, 2 x selenite rods) as well as the grids themselves. The idea is to work with the frequency of this grid set to assist you to embrace your journey as you re-remember who you are and the connection to All That Is.

For more information, check out her work at where you can also order the deck and her other offerings.

The Gospel of Truth (and much more!)

Mark Mattison has written a number of books that focus on the Gnostic teachings and individual summaries of a variety of Gospels left out of the Bible, including the Gospel of Judas, Mary, Peter, Thomas, Q and Philip. He also compiled a book called The Gospels of Truth as well — if you want to expand your knowledge of untold truths and writings, these series of gospels is a great place to start.

Those of you familiar with the Gnostic writings (aka one such read is the Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels) and the findings at Nag Hammadi Scriptures (which was based on findings in 1945 in Egypt), will find Mattison’s book additional fodder for your learning.

The beautiful thing about his books as they are short reads so you can get a great overview without spending weeks and weeks having to dive through lengthier explanations.

What we learn from the Nag Hammadi findings and in Mattison’s books are that the early followers of Jeshua wanted to preserve his legacy and what he was truly about, not what the Church and others portrayed him as for over 2,000 years.   

Says Mattison, “late in the second century, one bishop sharply criticized the poetic Gospel of Truth, which was subsequently lost to history.  This sublime Gospel describes a loving and merciful God who calls us all to return through “the Way” and find joyful rest in paradise.” In other words, that inner knowing/gnosis deep inside. That the way to God is not an external journey but an internal one. That we are all interconnected and part of the whole.

Questions are posed: “was this Gospel written by the eloquent teacher Valentinus? Were Valentinus and his followers really “heretics,” as some charged, or rather faithful mystics who were simply misunderstood?” And, as big fans of the teachings of Mary Magdalene or otherwise known as Miriam of Magdala, we love that Mary is included in Mark’s offerings. Originally written in Greek early in the second century and later translated into Coptic,  Magdalene’s Gospel brings a beautiful wisdom to all those who can dare to hear the truth and then even go further to embrace it.

If you’re interested at all in the gnostic teachings or at a minimum curious to explore more of the teachings of the time (much of what was left out of the Bible), then getting Marks’s Gospels are a must. They’re a breeze to read so you can get up to speed fairly quickly.

Find The Gospel of Truth on Amazon as well as The Gospel of Q (Jesus’ Prophetic Wisdom), the Gospel of Peter, Mary, Judas (which he refers to as the Sarcastic Gospel), Thomas and Philip.

The Align Method

Those of you who are in sync and up to date with popular culture may be aware of celebrity manual therapist and movement coach Aaron Alexander. He released this book — The Align Method — as a way to show people the power of our posture and body alignment and how being in harmony and balance with both can change our lives.

He outlines various tools for building strength, achieving peak performance, reducing pain, and more throughout the book. So, whether you’re already fit and in shape or feel that your body is out of alignment, it provides additional advice and insights into strengthening your body overall.

He says, “good posture is about more than standing up straight: It can change your mood, alleviate pain, rid your body of stressful tension, and may be the difference between getting that raise you’ve wanted and attracting your ideal mate, or not. But in order to reap all those benefits, the body must be properly integrated.”

Those who are into learning about aspects of peak performance and various methods to get there, will appreciate this book. Those who believe in the power of movement for healing will also appreciate the book.  He asserts that his five daily optimizations can be easily integrated into any workout, mindfulness practice, or daily life activity.

In other words, even if you have your own practice, you can integrate his principles into what you already do. He includes examples like Floor Sitting. Hanging, Hip-Hinging, Walking and Nose Breathing. We all know about the power of the breath so isn’t it time you put it into practice in a healthy way? That combined with other alignment methods outlined in Alexander’s book makes it a great user’s manual to assist in reshaping your environment for enhanced creativity and longevity.  Get it on Amazon.

Lunar Abundance

We love everything about the moon and have a ton of books about the moon, from understanding its cyclical nature to rituals and activities you can do when the moon is in a different phase.

If you didn’t know that the moon affects how you think and behave, then think again. How much is our body made up of water? Think about how shifts in energy affect water — this simple awareness alone will tell you why we need to pay attention to the moon and to learn from her innate wisdom.

Lunar Abundance is practical guide for today’s women on cultivating peace, purpose, and abundance in both their personal and professional lives, guided by the phases of the moon.

More and more, we have been feeling disconnected from the world around us and the world within us — in other words, our inner selves or you could say our Higher Selves. By reconnecting to the Moon and all that she represents, we can find a way back to ourselves.

It’s also a beautiful book as well, filled with compelling photos and guidance that accompanies it.  Women who have been good at listening to their bodies will resonate with this as the book helps guide you to tune into the natural rhythm of lunar ebbs and flows, and in doing so, can make healthier decisions which are more balanced for your life.   

It’s also an easy read — and we think a great idea for a Spring Gift because seasons also change cycles of all that is. Learn to listen to Gaia, the Moon and her incredible and ancient wisdom which will bring you to holistic wellness and feeding of the soul. Find it over on Amazon.

Heretics,  Mystics & Misfits

I love the word misfits, probably because I have always felt like one. The title of this book drew me into John R. Mabry’s work and opened up a whole new path from a new author I hadn’t explored in the past.

Mabry asserts that the history of Christianity is filled with misfits, especially the so called heretics and mystics from the very earliest church to the present day, including the Gnostics, Origen, Julian of Norwich, Michael Servitus, Emanuel Swedenborg, Soren Kierkegaard, Madame Blavatsky, Teilhard de Chardin and many, many more.

He adds humor into his writing as well and shows through examples and storytelling how the teachings of these heretics, mystics and misfits can help us cross the boundaries and barriers we have all had in our individual separate religions for centuries.

Regardless of where your belief system hails from, the teachings here are about ancient wisdom which can answer some of our unanswered questions about faith, God/Source and divinity itself.

We didn’t realize it before we began to dive deeper into John’s work but he’s local to the San Francisco Bay Area. Located in the East Bay, he also performs in a couple of bands — we love overlapping dynamics like this one. He is the author of numerous novels and books on theology, spirituality, and spiritual guidance so scroll down for more of his work and teachings.  

Grab Heretics, Mystics & Misfits over on Amazon.

Spiritual Guidance Across Religions

This comprehensive resource offers a fascinating series of stories and spiritual guidance for people interested in learning about a wide variety of faith traditions. He covers the world’s faith traditions as well as interfaith, blended and independent approaches to spirituality and each chapter is written by a spiritual guidance professional from that tradition or who works extensively with people from that tradition.  In other words, there are countless contributors to this book, so be sure to check it out in detail to get a list of all the people who have shared their wisdom here.

The religions and belief systems covered in this book include: Evangelical, Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Judaism, Reformed Christianity, Eastern Orthodox, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Spiritual Eclecticism, Unitarian Universalism, Neo-Paganism, Bahá’í Faith, Sikhism, Shintoism, Humanism, New Thought, Zoroastrianism, Native American Religion, African Diaspora Spirituality, Daoism, Jainism and Confucianism.

Extensive right?

This is a must read and ‘have’ for any spiritual seeker. The book covers an overview of each tradition, including basic beliefs, the various methods for spiritual guidance honored in that tradition, common spiritual problems encountered by people of that tradition and beyond.

The guide also includes tips, techniques and practices as well as useful and helpful resources for further knowledge and digging. Find this comprehensive read over on Amazon.

Other great reads by Malbry include Growing Into God, A Christian Walks in the Footsteps of the Buddha, Noticing the Divine, God as Nature Sees God and others.

The Divine Feminine: The Christian Godde Project

What a unique piece of work. We randomly discovered (although I’ve come to know that there is no randomness) the Divine Feminine Version: New Testament. They use the word Goddee as a way to demonstrate Goddee in her feminine form. This book is built upon the belief that women are made in Godde’s image, equally, whether that be in scripture or just in your own belief system.

They actually give examples in scripture, such as a feminine personification of Godde as Mother in Proverbs 8:1-9:6, then again in Matthew and Corinthians, where as the incarnation of Jesus is identified with Divine Wisdom and as the Holy Spirit, Divine Wisdom is revealed as Goddee in action.

The Christian Godde Project attempts to explain it from a divine feminine perspective. They assert that this is the first step to balancing the abundance of masculine Godde language in the Bible’s translations and paraphrases.

In the introduction, they explain the God to Godde. “In the classic feminist book She Who Is: The Mystery of God in Feminist Theological Discourse, Elizabeth Johnson grapples with the problem of the traditional term God.

Because of its long history of association with an exclusively masculine image of the divine, to many it implies a masculine way of conceiving the Christian “God” as opposed to the “Goddess” a term which Christians have not traditional embraced.

This fascinating perspective and read is worth a meander. You can grab it over on Amazon as well.

Crystal Basics

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of crystals for healing and have been writing about (and using them) for awhile now. A new read which hit our desk this month is Crystal Basics by Nicholas Pearson. What’s beautiful about this book is that he includes 200 gemstones (many give you much less to reference unless you’re going with Judy Hall’s Crystal Bibles I, II and III for example). He speaks to the energetic, healing and spiritual power of stones we can use in our everyday lives.

The book is also beautifully illustrated — it’s a full-color practical handbook of essential techniques with an in-depth directory of healing stones, as well as rocks, minerals and crystals. You see, stones have energy and of course, our bodies are made up of energy, so one affects the other. Understanding which stones can be used for what parts of the body and what healing aspects they have can be useful to integrate them in for well-being.

He walks you through how to cleanse, charge, activate, and program the stones before you begin, what they’re connected to and associated with for healing. In the book, he includes templates for crystal grids and healing layouts, recipes for crystal elixirs, and directions for crystal meditations and energy clearing with crystals.

It truly is a wonderful guide you can access whether you use it for healing work or because you’re always been drawn to crystals and don’t know quite why. Learn how to use stones and crystals with the human energy field, and you can do this by laying crystals right on the body itself or create crystal grids and healing layouts, with templates as well.

Intention is so key to all healing and that is that is the case with healing crystal grids as well — also connected to sacred geometry as well. He even includes elixir recipes, and details how to perform crystal meditations, clear the energy centers and the aura, and practice more advanced techniques, such as engaging with the crystal devas, creating sacred space, and practices for spiritual hygiene and protection. While sacred geometry is always a part of creating crystal grids, it is rarely explained in such a simple way in a book on crystals as Nicholas does so well.

For example, he includes an explanation of what various shapes and symbols mean, from circles, triangles, squares and crosses to pentagons, pentagrams, spirals, hearts, hexagrams, hexagons and more. From learning their meaning, you can better understand how to create their meanings and how to best craft a grid that will work for what you’re working through….whether it’s for self-healing or using it to heal others.  Grab it on Amazon.

“What other books shall we review and dig into? Send us notes and suggestions as we are always open to exploring and learning about new authors and points-of-view.”



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