5 Great Finds to Bring Out Your Higher Self

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It’s so much fun to explore outside the normal boundaries and discover new products, services and books in the world of Higher Consciousness which can help you elevate to the next level. Below are several great “finds” including a few new books from the In Focus series that we love and want to bring to your attention.

Crystal Grid Board Table

You’d think that a crystal grid board would be easy enough to find on the web, but rare is it to find a place which creates boards large enough to truly be useful, particularly if you’re doing healing work and events. We came across an incredibly creative and beautiful artisan from New England….Maine to be specific, one of my favorite states.

Shelley Clark of Nature’s Knicknacks is a great choice when you’re looking for something a little out-of-the-box. Her handmade work includes wreathes, accessories and crystal grid boards, including large crystal grid board tables, which we LOVE!!! Think: rustic meets elegance meets creative meets practical!

In focus products on Etsy crystal grid board

Gorgeous right? She also offers a variety of options to choose from, including staining and other unique accessories as well.

Here’s how it looked at a recent event we threw, with crystal grid and all – I put another board to place on the top of it and placed feathers along the edges of the round table – it looked amazing.

We love the quality of Shelley’s work — her prices are incredibly reasonable and her offerings unique. Find out more about what she has to offer and how to order from their main Etsy website.

In Focus Books

New to the market are some great In Focus reads by Jacqueline Towers and Sasha Fenton. The In Focus books focus on meditation and crystals. Towers’ Meditation (Your Personal Guide) includes 7 meditation cards and Fenton’s Astrology book includes an 18 x 24-inch wall chart. There’s also a great new read by In Focus called Crystal, Your Personal Guides by Bernice Cockram.

mastery meditation books silicon valley spiritual reads In Focus

In Focus new releases on Astrology, Meditation and Crystals

In Focus Palmistry

In Focus: Palmistry Personal Guide

The In Focus Crystals Guide includes a set of 7 grid recipe cards and provides a custom grid to place specific crystals to remedy almost every ailment. Their new In Focus Meditation Guide has a set of useful reference cards as well as details about equipment and the history of meditation.

A wide breadth of topics are covered including angelic, emotional and psychological, spirit and totem animals, mindfulness, visualization, re-incarnation and beyond.

The Astrology Guide by Fenton answers every sun and moon sign question that may come up including how to create your own chart.

We were particularly interested in the In Focus Palmistrybook since I know so little about palm reading. This guide brings you up to date on the ancient craft of reading hands and how to tell a person’s fortune, from analyzing palms, fingers, fingerprints, mounts, and nails, to finding the hidden strengths and weaknesses within yourself and others. 

Each chapter address a different aspect of palmistry, including the fate line, the Apollo line or sun line, marks, colors, and warts and skin ridge patterns. All of the books are incredibly visual and have lots of charts and explanations throughout.

The new In Focus series from Wellfleet Press applies a modern approach to teaching the classic body, mind and spirit topics using expert authors in their respective fields. You can grab the Astrology Guide over on Amazon, as well as the Meditation Guide and the Crystal Guide by Bernice Cockram. The Palmistry In Focus guide is also available over on Amazon.

Grief Help by Debbie Augenthaler

There’s a new book out entitled You are Not Alone (available on Amazon as well), by Debbie Augenthaler. This beautiful read is a heartfelt guide for grief, healing and hope.

In focus you are not alone

You are not alone (grief help)

You Are Not Alone takes readers into Debbie’s personal journey of grief, from the first gripping chapter, when her husband dies unexpectedly in her arms. Throughout the book, Debbie takes readers by the hand and offers them gentle insights and suggestions for healing and hope, while sharing her powerful story of loss and the spiritual journey that led her to know love never dies.  

Debbie walks readers through how to cope and handle stress around grieving for the loss of a loved one. Ultimately, she wants people to know that:

  • It’s okay to be a griever. Don’t feel like you have to hold it together for others.
  • Grief is not linear. There is no timetable. Your experience of grief is as unique as you are.
  • Beginning to heal and adjust to your new life doesn’t mean having to let go of the person you love.

You Are Not Alone will gently guide you from grief, to healing, to hope and transformation.  Debbie is a psychotherapist in New York City, where she has specialized in trauma, grief, and loss.

Interweaving eastern philosophy, energy healing, and spiritual practices from cultures around the world, Debbie bridges together traditions of ancient and modern, east and west, the wisdom of the ages, and the many different ways people have ritualized grief and healing. 

You can find it on Amazon.

Himalayan CrystalLitez Salt Lamp

This Himalayan Salt Lamp has a dimmer cord and original salt crystals in a handcrafted Artisan bowl. Not only does it act as a salt lamp but it is also an air purifier with aromatherapy as well.

The salt lamp that can be used in 3 ways: as an air ionizer, an air purifier and an oil diffuser.  They offer dozens of design options handmade by artisans and with so much diversity in colors, there are plenty of choices for a wide variety of gift ideas for holidays or special occasions.  

They tout that their salt crystals are authentic from the Himalayas. One use case of salt lamps in your home are to help protect you from heavy metals, pesticides and PCBs although we cannot attest whether this is true or not — many swear by their power however.

They are meant to be therapeutic and protective as well. Salt lamps can help to reduce stress and relax with the beautiful glow and this one has the added benefit of the natural essential oil diffuser feature as well.   You can find them over on Amazon.

Becoming Starlight

This fascinating read is about a Shared Death Experience (SDE). Most people know of or know someone who has experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE), but very few have heard of the SDE.

For example, the SDE is similar to the NDE except that it occurs not to the person who is dying, but to their loved one who is physically well. Apparently location or activity level is of no consequence to the SDE. That person, the loved one, is “invited along” to witness the aftermath of physical death.   

Anyone who is interested in the afterlife will be interested in this read. You can find it over on Amazon.


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