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We recently had an opportunity to review the SNAILAX Full Body Massager with Air Compress 236. A full bodied chair massager, it features both air compress kneading as well as heat, which was what initially drew us to this specific model. We had seen other full body massagers but without the heat, which is often what really helps my overworked or stiff sore back muscles.

Truth be told, many of us are not moving enough in our lives, whether that be from repetition and habitual activity or sitting through far too many Zoom calls now that more and more people are working from home. Having a machine move your muscles for you or at a minimum, shaking up the toxins, allows the stiffness to loosen up a little, all while you are working from your computer or sitting and reading in your living room.

Meet SNAILAX Full Body Massager

There are plenty of massager products on the market, but what we really love about this one is its combination of flexibility, portability, heat and adjustability, especially for the neck area. Let’s take a deeper look at some of their features.

Full Back Massager with Heat – Heat may not seem like an important add-on but not all massager products (hand-held or chairs) automatically includes heat. Heat is often an add-on but we think, highly worth having.  In my case, heat really helps my sore muscles after sitting for too long and not stretching enough.

The SNAILAX Massage Chair Pad features 8 upgraded flexible shiatsu rollers to better fit full-back and body curves, to enable deep tissue massage for the whole back. The shiatsu nodes with optional infrared heat therapy helps improve blood flow, and if you’re stiff from not enough stretching, this is a huge godsend.

Adjustable Neck MassagerThe chair massager has four shiatsu rotation nodes to provide deep kneading massages for the neck and shoulders. My stiffness is more centered in the lower back area, however my neck is often sore too from sitting in the same position for too long.

Although I have an ergonomic office set-up, in a post Covid world, let’s be honest — we are all sitting in front of video conferencing set ups for far too long each day. I love that I can adjust the neck as well as different parts of the back depending on how I’m feeling.

The neck shiatsu balls can be adjusted up & down to fit your height and the way your back is designed. The detachable flap allows you to choose a softer or more intense shiatsu massage on the neck and back, another really great feature.

Customized SPOT MassageFor those of you who want to hit just a specific area, the SNAILAX neck and back massager with heat comes with three different massage zones: Upper, Lower and Full Back.

The Spot massage function allows you to target and concentrate on pain areas for pin-point relaxation. BTW, this is such an amazing feature after you’ve been on three back-to-back video calls and you’re starting to feel stiff in one specific area.

Air Massage and Vibration – The Seat massager has adjustable air compression massage and vibration seat massage, the first time we’ve ever experience a feature like this in a massage chair. The air support for the buttocks and lower back relieves your muscles allowing the vibrations to loosen you up, which ultimately is what we all need for our tired and stiff muscles.

Truth be told, it seems all of us are sitting much more. Now that more and more people are working from home and not going to physical meetings (or traveling as much), we all need to pay attention to how we’re sitting and for how long. This particular feature offers 3 levels of air pressure and 3 levels of vibration intensity, so you can tailor it to best meet your best needs.

Seat CushionThere’s also a massage seat cushion which is not only portable and easy-to-use, but very adaptable. In other words, you can fasten it to an office chair, dining chair or put it on recliner, couch, or sofa as well which is a nice premium feature.

Check out this video to get a better idea of the product in action.

You can get more information on the SNAILAX Full Body Massager 236 on their website.


Note: we are sent products to review but all opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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