Ready for Singapore Airlines Business Class?

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I’ve always sound Singapore Airlines a bit overrated; I’ve also always been open to the possibility that I might be wrong. So when I entered the business class cabin of the A350 parked at Houston Intercontinental Airport in April 2023, I did my best to ignore the strong smell of urine in the air.

Indeed, I also tried not to think about my prior experiences on the airline—pre-covid, I flew its much-lauded business class between Singapore and both Manchester and Tokyo-Haneda. While neither experience was terrible, both failed to impress me anywhere near as much as the airline seems to do with other frequent travelers.

So, is it worth flying Singapore Airlines business class? Maybe, depending on your expectations and also, what other options you have.

Why People Love Singapore Airlines Business Class

In some of the circles I run in, simply questioning the narrative that Singapore Airlines business class is worth it is sacrilege. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t constantly sing the praises of the airline, whether it’s the much-lauded business product, or Singapore’s first-class suites, which to me have always looked like a dentist’s office (but those are a topic for another post).

While the seat is above average and the food is generally good (especially if you can pre-order one particular dish—more on that in a second), I’ve found the in-flight service to be a bit spotty. To their credit, I can’t fault Singapore on their stellar hub operation; it takes a high baseline of excellence to be so consistent on such long flights.

Judging Singapore Business Class, Point by Point


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