Totes From Sea Bags are Made from Sails

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We recently discovered Sea Bags, which are weather-friendly bags from folks based in Portland Maine. It’s such an appropriate name given that Sea Bags offer bag styles and types that are not only great for travelers but for those who love sailing and being on the water.  One of their more unique styles centered around Astrology jumped out, so we were thrilled when we were offered an opportunity to get product in for review.
It’s no secret that mariners have looked to the stars to stay on course, nor is it a surprise that astrologers and spiritualists look to aspects of numerology and astrology as a way to help people navigate through life’s ups and downs and tricks and turns.  No doubt, it’s also fun to recognize ourselves and others in the characteristics of each astrological sign. Along similar design lines, we love the Starry Night Tote, which will bring you into celestial heaven….so to speak.
Sea Bags
For their Zodiac Series, they have used what they refer to as “The Circle of Animals”which uses the constellation associated with a specific sign of the zodiac. Set in a deep night sky, the celestial formation is accented with single, shining silver star in metallic leather. Each mystical tote is handcrafted in Maine (one of my favorite states) from recycled sail cloth.
All of their bags use navy hand-spliced rope handles and are easy to clean.  Some of their bag options offer a couple of sizes (medium for example is around 14 inches in height by 5.5 inches width and 14 inches long), but what is really cool is that you can choose your closure, i.e., clasp or zipper. We love this feature.
With some of their bags, you can get a hanging pocket as well (extra cost), which we recommend. After all, as a traveler, we all need inside pockets to keep things more organized. If astrology isn’t your thing, they offer a number of other design options, such as Stripes & Plaid, Metallic, Performance Sails, Pets, Lobsters, Nautical, Anchors and Marine Life. For example, take a look at this stylish option from their Marine Life collection.
Sea Bags

The above Gold Mermaid Tail and Waves Tote only comes in Medium, but you can opt for a hanging pocket and choose which enclosure you’d like (clasp or zip — cost extra)

The rolling waves continue on the back of the tote. They include a metallic leather applique which features their signature zig-zag stitch. We love that the cloth is so durable and is also a recycled sailcloth. Like their other bags, it has hand-spliced hemp rope handles.
Sea Bags

Other fun design options from Sea Bags, including home products. Courtesy: Sea Bags

Infused with New England in every way, their bags depict everything from anchors and sails to boats, flags and travel symbols.  We were drawn to the Casco Bay Nautical Chart Tote which their team sent us for our Holiday Gift Guide this year. It serves as an artistic way to keep Portland Maine close to your heart. Featuring a detailed illustration of Casco Bay on the one-of-a-kind recycled sail cloth, you can locate favorite islands, beaches, and landmarks. Like the other Sea Bags, it is printed on recycled sails.The bag has hand-spliced hemp rope handles, a white interior liner and has the option of a closure or without and you can get a zipped pocket on the inside too as an additional option. It’s easy to care for and can be thrown into the machine for washing.  It comes in both a medium (14″h x 5.5″w x 14″) and Large (14″h x 6″w x 18″) size depending on your needs.

Check out their website for more information about Sea Bags and for the variety of design options they offer.  In addition to tote bags, they offer pouches, pillows, accessories and other fun products which are great for travel.Sea Bags are born as sails and transformed into nautically inspired totes and accessories — yes, really. The materials come from sails, so it’s from this “previous life” if you like, that makes each bag unique.

They tout all American made. They say that they use one of the last remaining thread manufacturers in the United States and one of a few rope manufacturers in New England. The company is located on Custom House Wharf in the heart of Portland Maine’s waterfront.

Sea Bags Portland Maine

Portland waterfront, photo courtesy of SeaBags.

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