The Beautiful Echoing Voice of Scottish Vocalist Eddi Reader

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You may not have heard of Scottish vocalist Eddi Reader if you live in the states since she’s not on the most renowned city touring circuit nor does she perhaps primarily appeal to most Millennials. That said, her music (most notably the lyrics) are so emotionally moving that if you listen carefully enough, you’ll be profoundly lifted from a place of non-presence to one that grounds you regardless of your age or where you hail from.

Eddi Reader

We don’t really profile musicians regularly on We Blog the World, although we certainly have a Music Section. We also love strong women  — and, even have a section entitled Women for the Goddesses among us trying to change the world, even if its one bowling ball at a time. Eddi falls into the Goddess category and the reason she warrants a spot here now is that after years of knowing her work, she continues to touch my heart.

You see, I first met Eddi Reader more than a decade ago, when she first performed on the TED stage in 2004. (see her performing one of my favorite of her songs about heartbreak: Kiteflyer’s Hall, a spot in London). Every time I listen to her voice, chills run down my spine. There’s no shortage of authenticity and passion in this Scottish singer who is about as far from ordinary as you can get.

Sadenia Reader (aka Eddi Reader) once worked with Fairground Attraction, is the recipient of three BRIT Awards and has topped both the album and singles charts. She also famously harmonized with Annie Lennox touring with the Eurythmics, after her time with successful punk outfit Gang of Four.

Eddi Reader

Eddi Reader grew up in Glasgow and Irvine, Scotland and when we first had an in-depth chat, she learned that my ex-husband was the last of the Robert Burns line, and at the time, had just finished working on a collection of songs about this very famous poet known for his countless affairs.

Because Eddi Reader spent so much of her formative touring years in Europe, she is far more known here (and in London specifically) than in other parts of the world. Some of her earlier work includes Mirmama (1992), Eddi Reader (1994), Candyfloss & Medicine (1996), Angels & Electricity (1998) and Simple Soul (2001).

‘Love Is The Way’,  Eddi’s seventh solo album, which I’ve yet to listen to, is now nearly ten years old. Produced by Eddi Reader herself, it was recorded in a matter of days with her band in Glasgow.  The song led to her debut in a Hollywood movie where she played a chanteuse and was featured singing ‘Lets Pretend That There’s A Moon’ with the Jools Holland Orchestra.

Her voice and authentic vocals will truly melt you in that old fashioned romantic kinda way that get so lost with a lot of contemporary singers.

Eddi Reader

All photo credits: Genevieve Stevenson

For more information on Eddi Reader and her world, visit her website for details on her concerts, CD releases and more news.

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