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Release the Spirit was the theme of the NYE firework show this 2009 in Sydney. This day was a lot more stressful than it had to be. But its my own fault. I decided a few weeks back that I wanted to see the fireworks show and then pretty much get out of Sydney to travel.

I really wasn’t thinking when I bought my flights. The cheapest flight to Melbourne was on January 1st. At 6:00 AM.  My backpack was pretty nasty from traveling so I put it in the washer. Turns out the washing machine completely shredded the two straps. It looked like a dog had gotten to it. It definitely wasn’t going to work so I just threw it out.

So on NYE, I had to buy a backpack, get a new camera in time for the fireworks, pack up my entire apartment into two small suitcases (my amazing friend Michelle let me store a 32″ suitcase at her house until I came back.

Another thing I didn’t think about before was how big the fireworks show is in Sydney. My friends wanted to sit in the Royal Botanical Gardens, which is right between the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

If you ever go to Sydney, go to the Royal Botanic Gardens. The trees are amazing.

Cheeseeee (Thats one of my  BebeSydney dresses)

Christine and Sangeetha. Sangeetha is wearing something also from Bebe. For a Christmas present I got them all something from the label.

The weather wasn’t that great. It rained off and on and somehow I got a sunburn through it all. They were supposed to have an airshow but it never happened.

At 9 PM, they had the first teaser fireworks show and then at midnight the big one. I have to say, it was pretty amazing. On TV, they just show the fireworks shot off the bridge, but they are actually shot off from different places around the city so it’s everywhere. There are also boats in the harbour with coloured lights floating through the water.

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