WWOOF – Willing Workers of Organic Farming

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Possibly one of the worst flights in my life. Basically left the club in Melbourne and got in a taxi to the airport. Good memories but at what a price.

I called Amanda, my WWOOF host and asked her where I should get off the airport shuttle. I told the driver at the beginning and he apparently missed it , He gave me a really hard time and  said I’d have to stay on for the next shuttle load, meaning another hour and half. I told him to forget it and got off someplace random. The jackass then drove off without asking me if I had luggage in the back, which I did, and left with all my stuff. I called Amanda and she met me, even though it was a little out of her way. I called the shuttle company, reported the driver and eventually got my luggage back. Some people…

I was so exhausted from the previous night and traveling that I honestly just wanted to sleep. Usually I do okay with allnighters but I was really hurting. Too bad Amanda had other plans for me. She told me to get in work gear and had me start weeding in the sun. While praying for an early death, a wallaby rushed by me, jacked a tomato from the garden, and ran off. I paused and wondered if that actually just happened. It’s easy to forget where you are sometimes. And then something like that slaps you back into reality.

The property is breathtaking. The house is literally in the trees. Tasmania gets made fun of a lot by the mainland but it really is beautiful.

Amanda and Millard’s amazing view


So if you aren’t familiar with WWOOF, it stands for Willing Workers Of Organic Farming. What it basically means is that people register to become hosts with WWOOF to be added into a book. They write a description of their farm/house and the tasks they would like done. In exchange, the worker gets food, board and a cultural experience. There are a variety of things listed. Everything from nudist colonies to alligator farms and simple organic households (which is what I was at). Starting an organic garden is a tremendous amount of work (farmers really don’t get the credit they deserve) and most people just need help with pruning, mulching and weeding.

I really wanted to see Tasmania and heard that it was a lot more liberal than the mainland and thought that WWOOFing there would be a lot more interesting.

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