Pepian, Guatemala’s National Yummy Spicy Dish

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Pepian de Pollo

Pepian de Pollo

When visiting Guatemala, no trip would be complete without sampling the country’s national dish: Pepian. You’ll find it on almost every traditional restaurant menu. This hearty stew features slow-cooked meats; vegetables like onion, tomato, Poblano pepper and chunks of potato; and seeds and nuts like peppercorns, pumpkin seeds and cumin seeds. Because it really refers to a sauce containing peppers, it’s actually considered a “mole.”

The dish gets its dense consistency from being thickened with seeds and nuts. Of course, the recipe varies a bit from chef to chef; however, this gives you a general idea of what the toasty, rich and spicy flavor is like. Fun fact: Although the national dish of Guatemala it actually comes from Mexico, created by the Aztecs and altered by the Spaniards.

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