New Marin Location for New Living Expo 2023

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Join us for this year’s New Living Expo from April 14-16, 2023 in Marin, just over the bridge from San Francisco, where we’ll be speaking on Friday evening, April 14 at 8:00 pm and have a booth for the rest of the weekend. We’ll be channeling Mary Magdalene, Yeshua and the Ascended Masters and taking questions on spiritual awakening—and how we can incorporate some of the ancient gnostic teachings into modern life in practical ways that help support our journey.

Now in its 20th year, New Living Expo will be at a brand new venue: The Marin Center in San Rafael, CA. At the improved new location, there are great rooms for speakers, a food court, an outdoor area to network, attend a yoga class, meditate, experience altars, tune into live music and more. It’s a must event to attend for those interested in improving their health, wellness, and spirituality. With its diverse offerings and immersive experience, New Living Expo provides the opportunity to learn new skills, connect with experts, and discover the latest products and technologies that can help improve your life.

Why else come? It’s a great place to sync up with some of the top speakers, authors and visionaries in spirituality and wellness. In addition to main talks and workshops, you’ll find plenty of experiences to embody what you’ve learned. Some of the highlighted speakers include Dr. Eben Alexander, Matt Kahn, John Gray, Kimberly Meredith, Gail Thackray, Emmanuel Dagher, Lisa Barnett, Caroline Casey, Deborah Graham, Judy Mikovits, Caroline Cory, Daniel P. Sheehan and Laura Einsenhower.

New Living Expo

There are both free and paid workshops, panel discussions and seminars covering a wide range of topics, from spiritual practices and meditation to nutrition and alternative medicine. Learn about new developments in health, consciousness, spirituality, and science and also experience music, yoga classes, Qigong demonstrations, and sample natural foods. You’ll also have an opportunity to meet and connect with experts in their respective fields. I also love the fact that the expo always has author book signings as well. For many years, Marianne Williamson, spoke and did book signings (btw, she has a new book out: A Politics of Love), and last year, Bruce Lipton made an appearance and also signed books.

New this year are powerful authors and speakers like Dr. Eben Alexander who is an academic neurosurgeon whose career includes decades as a physician and associate professor at Harvard Medical School and revered teaching hospitals. He was once staunchly committed to the materialist world view—the belief that the physical world is all that exists. His scientific belief system was altered by his 2008 transcendental near-death experience (NDE), an odyssey into another realm during a week-long coma. Since his NDE, he has been speaking around the world to educate about the role that consciousness plays in wellness, healing and recovery. He will be holding a special event on Sunday, April 16 from 3 pm to 5:00 pm.

Additionally, one of our favorites, Matt Kahnknown as the “I love you guy”—will also be offering a special event from 11 am to 1 pm on Saturday, April 15. We interviewed him for Season 3 of Blue Soul Summit, so be sure to register (free) to listen to the hour long interview with him. He’s magical in person, and he has a new book out which I couldn’t put down: It’s All For Love. He’s also a spiritual teacher, and highly attuned empathic healer who enriches people’s lives by providing heart-centered solutions and his books have been translated into more than a dozen languages.

New Living Expo

Panel Discussions…

On Saturday, April 15 from 2 pm to 3:30 pm, there will be a panel discussion on the New Earth Consciousness and Ascension moderated by Debra Giusti. Panel speakers include Matt Kahn, Laura Eisenhower, Kimberly Meredith, Emmanuel Dagher, Jason Shurka, Twin Ray, and Ismael Perez. This panel of ascension experts will share their experiential and up-to-date knowledge of the ascension process taking place on the planet, revealing practical instructions that you can apply in your daily life.

New Living Expo

From near-death experiences, planetary ascension, exploring the chakras and the power of love to sound healing, akashic record readings, the latest in biofield medicine, ET’s, and life in the cosmos. New Living Expo brings together medical doctors, researchers, bestselling authors, intuitive healers, and founders of companies that serve humanity. Check out the schedule here.

Beyond Talks, Panels and Workshops @ New Living Expo…

Browse the latest products and technologies related to health, wellness, and spirituality, sample natural foods and supplements, check out their bookstore, find tools to enhance your knowledge and learn new practices and techniques for improving the quality of your life. Explore pathways to reverse aging as you try an infrared sauna and scientific discoveries in brain health. You will also discover therapies using sound and vibration to heal chronic conditions, including anxiety.

Experts offer alternatives to conventional treatments for many health challenges that you will find useful. Walk the labyrinth, taste healthy vegan cuisine, have a psychic reading, and join the yoga sessions on the lawn. Discover cutting edge products to boost your immune system, lotions for anti-aging, energetic crystals, EMF protection and discounted new age books. Another thing to note is that the networking is great —we have always met interesting people at this show.

Explore products, good, experiences and more at New Living Expo

New at New Living Expo this year is a Mind/Body/Spirit Village. In the village area (held outside), there will be a crystal tea garden, yoga and movement classes, a labyrinth you can walk, a meditation area, art, music and ceremonies.

New Living Expo

New Living Expo

New Living Expo Village Experience Areas

Also if you’re a music lover, crystal bowls aren’t the only thing you’ll find at the expo. DJ Feral spins beats that balance deep house, downtempo, bass, and swirling rhythms.  His mixes transform the dancefloor using elements of voice, percussion, Afro, Asian and Middle Eastern instruments combined with bhangra, electronic beats, breaks, and ethno-dubstep.  Recently, Feral has appeared with Dance Medicine and Lost At Last. He’s DJ’d with talents such as Cheb i Sabbah, Jef Stott, Gaudi, Karsh Kale, Radiohiro, among others.

Also right before our talk on Friday, there’s a free movie about gratitude. Gratitude Revealed is a an epic journey forty years in the making from acclaimed filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg, the director of Fantastic Fungi.

The film aims to take people on a transformational, cinematic experience of how to live a more meaningful life full of gratitude. Through his intimate conversations with everyday people, thought leaders, and personalities, Louie will lead people on a pathway to reconnect with each other and ourselves. This fascinating film starts at 6 PM in Room 6 at the San Rafael Embassy Suites on Friday, April 14 and is free with General Admission. There will also be a Q & A after the movie.

If you want to get tickets to specific speakers and/for general tickets, click here. USE NLE3 for $5 off general admission. Below is a collage of a few fun moments from last year’s New Living Expo in front of our booth. Here is a link to our talk on consciousness and the quantum nature of our soul from last year. We really hope to see you at the showApril 14-16, 2023 at the Marin Center in San Rafael, CA.

New Living Expo

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