My Shop is Japanese Tradition: Now, Have Some Hot Sake


Shimokitazawa near the north side of the train station. Inside a narrow alley and under tracks is this drinking and eating stall. A small opening above let in sky and elements. It’s snowing, it’s icing, but here behind the tarp is a good place to nurse some hot sake (rice wine). There are only about 8 seats and a small portable heater. The owner servers drinks cooks with a small burner. He’s a friendly guy and was proud to tell me that his shop is “Japanese tradion.”Then hidden aspect of this place seems to draw enough charm for the regular evening crowds. I’m cold, my feet are damp, I’m constantly trying to keep my camera from getting too wet, and and my fingers feel frozen. I might as well stop in and take a load off.

Linh Vien Thai
Linh Vien Thai is Amerasian, born in Dalat, South Vietnam, where he continued to lived during the war. He left for the U.S. and is now an American living in Tokyo. He enjoys adventure traveling and doing what's right to make the world a better place.
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