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If I were a 6’6″ über-rich maniacal leader of a secret society (and I’m not saying I’m not) poised on world disruption and domination; hiding from the CIA, NSA, MI6, FBI, and the IRS. I believe I’d pick a better place to hide than in a massive walled compound 1000 meters from the military academy of a country that’s working with the U.S. on the War on Terror. I would find it a bit too bling and less incognito to have a $1,000,000 mansion located in a country where the average annual income Per-Capita is $1,051. I would do my best to blend in and stay off the radar. Likely live in a cave or the dense foliage of a jungle. In a place like Afghanistan and or Pakistan, I may even cross the line and wear a burkha. In short I would be in a less conspicuous locale laying really low. Hiding and living simply.

That’s of course if I were not being helped by say the Pakistani ISI or Inter Service Intelligence agency.  Is it me or do these guys have a lot of explaining to do? How in the world can a man build a massive mansion 40 miles from their capital that’s completely distinctive from the other structures in the neighborhood and no one had questions for him. Is it likely that no one came by to see what it’s all about? I’m sure the concept of zoning permits has not hit Pakistan, but gee wiz; didn’t a few drunken military cadets stumble upon it and try climb in to check it out? “Hey guys this place may have a pool…” As if no one knew… Goodness even a guy named Sohaib Athar with a Twitter Account tweeted about the SEAL TEAM’s helicopter on the night of the raid.

Am I to believe that there was no assistance in hiding Binny.  It’s amazing and will be quite interesting seeing what happens next. I read that Pakistan claims that the raid violated their sovereignty. Well as our supposed friends I think aiding and abiding Osama Bin Laden violated our sovereignty. As well as this your country sat and did nothing as we lost soldiers fighting the war on terror. Let’s not forget the other terrorist attacks that have occurred since 9/11. If Pakistan knew and assisted al-Qaeda then there should be no holds barred when it comes to the war on terror in their back yard. If for some odd reason they did not know; then the are complete incompetents.

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