Mumbai Terror Attacks: News & Information

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Photograph of a family on the Marine Drive seawall, Mumbai, India

Photograph of a family on the Marine Drive seawall, Mumbai, India

Yet again, India’s economic powerhouse, Mumbai, is under attack. Three bombs went off on July 13, 2011 at about 7 pm in three crowded areas of Mumbai:  two in the south of the city and one in the centre. In the south, the opera house area and the Zaveri Bazaar were targeted, while the third blast hit Dadar, in the centre of the city.

Mobile phone lines are jammed, and police authorities are encouraging people in need to follow the news and to use Twitter and social media. Mumbaikers are responding by also using these channels to spread news, information, phone numbers and to offer help.

Author Amithav Ghosh wrote this about the deadly 2008 Mumbai attacks, and the words still ring true: “For if there is any one lesson to be learnt from the wave of terror attacks that has convulsed the globe over the last decade it is this: defeat or victory is not determined by the success of the strike itself. It is determined by the response.” Thanks to Syerah from MyBindi for posting this inspirational quote, and for inspiring me to use my blog to help.

Here are resources for news, information and help:

Mumbai Spreadsheet and Help Page

Check out the Mumbai Spreadsheet for an constantly updating list of phone numbers and locations of police, hospitals, blood banks, requests for help and and offers of help. Also includes lists of missing and injured.Contribute if you can!

A page of helpful numbers is posted here, Mumbai Help.


Use these # hashtags on Twitter to find and offer help:







Follow @Bloodaid to find out about blood banks

Follow live Twitter feed of Vikas Bajaj in Dadar.

Phone numbers

Emergency numbers from OneIndia

Hospital helpline numbers:

KEM (022-24136051)

Nair (022-23085379)

Harkishandas (23855555 / 30095555)

Saifee (22 6757 0111)

Emergency numbers:







For up-to-date news, check these online outlets:

Mid-Day’s list of dead and injured

CNN-IBN live

BBC news and analysis

The Guardian live updates

Rediff on the Net live feed

NDTV video coverage

Wall Street Journal live blog

Reuters slideshow


The Guardian has published a map of the blasts.

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  1. Purnima Dutta Gupta July 15, 2011 at 4:47 am #

    India exercising admirable restraint: US media – Yes, obviously.The Citizens of India are suffering. Not the ministers or politicians. India would have reacted differently if a single politician or minister had been affected. In India a citizen’s life has no value. India is not USA, Japan or Germany.

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