2 Great Productivity Products from Logitech

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I’ve always been a fan of Logitech products for as long as I can remember — we love their keyboards, especially their ergonomic ones. Their ergonomic keyboard has been a godsend for me over the years as well as their ergonomic mouse products. We recently had an opportunity to review some of their latest and greatest productivity products and the timing was great, especially since we missed CES this year.

We wouldn’t have thought of a presentation remote control option but given that we give a lot of talks, why not? Logitech’s Spotlight is ideal for those who deliver presentations. The second product we tested — a multi-device keyboard — is a fantastic option for avid travelers since it works with mobile devices.

Logitech’s Spotlight

Since we were giving a talk on Transformative Travel in January at the New York Times Travel Show, we used the opportunity to review Spotlight, which aims to set a new standard in presentation control. One of the main things we really love about Spotlight is distance control — in other words, you can navigate slides with confidence from up to 100 feet (or 30 meters) away and use the advanced pointer to Highlight, Magnify, or pinpoint areas of focus with a Digital Laser. We dive deeper into these fantastic features below.

Because we love to walk around and not be glued to a laptop to advance slides, having this additional distance beyond where most remote devices go, was very freeing.  You can also choose between three advanced pointing modes: Highlight which creates a spotlight-effect on screen, Magnify which zooms-in on details, and Digital Laser which precisely pinpoints information you want to call attention to for your audience.

On the device itself, there are three buttons: the Pointer, which allows you to highlight or magnify, or control the on-screen cursor and the two you would use frequently: the next and back buttons.

You can adjust the volume control and use the on-screen cursor to play and pause videos, open links, and enjoy a range of rich content interaction. Spotlight has a motion-sensor which means that you don’t need to break your flow and go anywhere near a mouse or your laptop. YAY — we loved our experience at the Javits Center because it meant that Anthony could jump off the stage and go into the audience without having to worry about where we ‘were’ in the presentation.

Spotlight connects instantly via USB receiver or low energy Bluetooth. There’s a quick app to download onto your laptop and then you’re ready to go. We used it with Powerpoint but it supports all popular presentation apps.

Timing — we love that you can manage your time from your first until your final slide. For example, you can set timed milestones within the app and receive vibration alerts directly to your hand. Because we had an embedded video in our presentation, we were easily able to make it play simply on pushing the ‘next’ button on the Spotlight device.

Its fully rechargeable and the battery life is good for up to 3 months (the battery is a rechargeable Lithium Polymer, 85mAh).  Additionally, there are indicator lights (LED) for when the battery is getting low as well as a connectivity LED as well.  It uses a motion sensor to do it’s magic.

Most remote devices allow you to highlight of course, but Spotlight takes it one step further.  You can use Highlight to dim the background and focus on just a specific part of your slide. We loved that you can magnify to zoom-in on the details, which is particularly useful when you want to magnify or highlight a travel destination if you have more than one to show on your slide. You can use the Digital Laser to precisely pinpoint data you want to speak about as well as temporarily freeze the effect so it stays on screen while you present to your audience. Cool right?

We also love that Spotlight comes in four fun colors (see below) and that it’s an elegant and slim device that fits smoothly into the palm of your hand. What comes in the box? You receive a presentation remote, a proprietary receiver, user documentation, a charging cable and a pouch which is great for travel.

Logitech’s Spotlight comes in four fantastic colors

The price point at the time of writing is $129.99.

Logitech’s K780 Multi-Device Keyboard

If you’re on the road a lot, then the Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard is a must purchase.  Truth be told, we’ve tested the foldable and super small external keyboards for mobile devices and they either stop working soon after you buy them or don’t work all that well. Logitech‘s K780 is a real keyboard, but smaller than standard sizes making it a great option for your carry on, brief case or travel backpack. The beauty of this product is that you only carry one keyboard for your computer, your phone and your tablet.

The K780 Multi-Device is a fully-equipped computer keyboard with a numbers pad, but it works ever so seamlessly with smartphones and tablets as well. What’s nice is that you can switch easily between all the devices you typically use on a daily basis whenever and wherever you’re creating text — PC, Mac, Chrome OS, Android and iOS.

Great features worth noting is the ability to type and switch between devices.  Here’s what we mean: you can type a report on your computer, then type a message on your phone or tablet at the touch of an Easy-Switch button. Brilliant for productivity right? And, it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad), in that it recognizes what type of device that’s connected so that all the keys are exactly where you expect them to be. Can you say godsend?

It’s also quite quiet so you can use it at conferences without annoying your neighbor. We love the design too — it’s much more elegant than we expected. There are concave keys, a convenient numbers pad, and all your favorite shortcut keys. We are also thrilled with their integrated rubber cradle which holds your mobile devices.  Using the cradle, you can prop several devices — from smartphones to a 12″ iPad Pro — all within a comfortable reading angle and easy reach while you’re working.

Logitech multi-feature keyboard

Logitech’s K780 is full of features and practical benefits, saving your time and space (in other words, it organizes multiple devices on your desk or work area so you can keep the area clutter-free).

The Logitech K780 boasts a long battery life of 24 months from two pre-installed AAA batteries (non-rechargeable), with auto-sleep, on/off button and a battery status light. We haven’t had the device long enough to verify this, but so far so good. Hotkeys include Home, Search, Back, App-Switch, Contextual Manu and Easy-Switch.

As for device sizes it supports? It is designed for most smartphones and tablets with a thickness up to 11.3 mm in portrait or landscape mode and the iPad Pro (12.9″) in landscape mode only. The device comes with two options for wireless connection: Logitech Unifying USB receiver or Bluetooth Smart technology.  It is priced at $79.99 at the time of this review.

For more information on all things Logitech, be sure to visit their website where you can then scroll through all the various categories of products they offer. From keyboards, mice, presentation remotes and Bluetooth speakers to home security cameras, headsets, charging stands and video conferencing solutions, they’ve got you covered.

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