Greener Valley Hand Crafted Wood Makes Your Table Pop

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We recently discovered Greener Valley, a creative artisan Canadian company that makes beautiful hand carved wooden boards, bowls, trays, wine holders and more.

Wine Holders

The first thing that is very unique about their products is that you have a choice of how rich you would like your wood texture to be. For wine holders, the most popular tend to be the rich wood textured wooden wine holders because they have the most character. See the differences between the three options below — note that the one on the far left is very smooth and also the wood is much lighter.

Below is the wine holder option we went with largely because we think that the two wine holder is the most versatile for every day entertaining. We displayed one bottle of white and one bottle of red at a sit down brunch for 14 recently and needless to say, everyone was impressed — they LOVED the rich texture of the wood and how beautiful it looked on a table.

Whether you’re thinking of one of these wooden gems for yourself (it’s great for summer or special occasion entertaining) or for a unique wedding gift, their products are tasteful and one-of-a-kind.
Greener Valley makes their products out of recycled, renewable and sustainable materials and we are huge fans of sustainable practices, so bravo bravo to the founder and team.

Wooden Bowls, Trays & Cutting Boards

We are in love with their serving bowls, which they offer in three sizes for convenience – small, medium and large. Below is the large bowl and we also included a shot of it being used to serve up a green mixed salad at our brunch.

 Below, the large bowl is shown on a table.
Below is a selection of medium bowls so you can not only see the difference in size, but in style – every one is unique.
The same goes for their serving trays and cutting boards, both shown below. Note the unique shapes, sizes and textures – oh so beautiful!
By now, you’re probably wondering what kind of wood they use? Greener Valley makes their products from a wood not so well known in North America: Sham Mu wood, which can only be found in the Fujian province of China.
Their artisans hand carve each piece from stumps left behind from the logging industry. Removing these stumps helps the renewal process of the forest and helps a villagers earn an income in a developing community.  How cool is that?
Some of the local artisans noticed what a shame it was to just leave these stumps in the ground, preventing a new generation of trees from prospering, so they made use of these discarded stumps and turned them into something elegant and beautiful.


Every single Shan Mu product is hand carved in a unique piece of wood which means that each piece is individual to you.

I’m a huge naturalist and feel that nature is one of the most calming and balancing things you can explore when you travel. Being in nature brings you a layer of serenity you can’t find doing other things.

Why not eat something as healthy as a salad from a wooden bowl that comes from the earth?

Two thumbs up for Greener Valley – more information including how to order can be found at 




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