Finally Paperless Society?

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I gave a full-day workshop on business strategy last week while in Tokyo. We used some business case studies, recent articles, and the issues of the clients of the participants as examples.  One of the companies we discussed was in business machine/document industry.

As the strategy development is about the future, we try to identify upcoming trends  we  find in this industry.  One of them was the paper-less society.  As one important source of profit in the business machine/document industry is the charge for paper etc., we began discussing whether paper would survive in the digital era.  Two groups–one  who think that the paperless society would finally arrive and the other who think that paper would survive as we have discussed the possibility of paperless society for the past two decades or so, but it has not quite materialized.

The discussion went on not only to pdf files sent via e-mail, but also onto iPad.  I myself began using iPad to read and review documents which are sent by e-mail.  I started doing so because of several reasons–1) printer is not easily accessible from where I am 2)wireless is available to have iPad, PC etc. online simultaneously 3) iPad is very easy to read as you can enlarge letters etc.

I have a feeling that paperless society may actually be here soon. I do NOT think that we will ever abandon paper, but the use of paper will be much less from now.  Finally the dream? of paperless society may come true.

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