Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa: Povery, Coffee, Cathedrals & Open Air Markets

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ytrinitybet3 I just visited and took a tour in Addis Ababa, which included the Trinity Cathedral, the National Museum, Mount Entoto, the highest peak in Addis and Merkato, the largest open-air market in Afrida.

We had lunch at the local restaurant where I got to try the local food. (I was very interested in finding that in many countries there is something like a crepe regardless of where you go and Ethiopia is no exception.)   (Photo on the left at Trinity Cathedral).

I was struck by the poverty I saw at many sections of the city, contrasted with the section where the diplomatic headquarters and other municipal buildings are located.  What impressed me was the fact that Ethiopia has such a rich history, so many unique geographical features (particularly its trees) and seems to have abundant resources available.  At the same time, I saw many people carrying leaves and woods from the mountains,  together with many donkeys doing the same.

I asked my guide what needs to be done to promote economic development, and his response was education.  He said that young people go out of the country to get high education and do not come back.  I have seen some other countries where the trend gets reversed and the youth starts building the country.   I am sure we will be discussing many of these issues at the World Economic Forum on Africa this week.

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