Dubai’s Brand New Bike Parking Stations


All over the world people, communities and governments are working towards creating an eco-friendly lifestyle for everyone.

In an attempt to curtail environmental pollution and create an orderly system of parking bikes in the city, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has created and installed 100 locations for parking bikes in busy area across the Emirate.

Many locals choose to ride bikes for convenience and to improve their health, and to eliminate haphazard parking spots the government decided to provide a better parking option than tying them to lightning poles, traffic signals and trees. The badly-parked bicycles would cause dangerous blockages on sidewalks and roads.

Countries all over the world including China and Japan have begun to recognise the need for bike-friendly infrastructure. Investments and developments in this sector encourage people to explore alternative transportation options. has a list of bicycle-friendly cities, and the only US city included on the list is Portland at number 6. Other major cities are following suit however. Washington, DC, San Francisco and Denver all have bike-sharing programmes, and Europe recently announced its bike-sharing programme extends to over 100 cities.

The RTS Director of Strategic Planning, Nasir Abu Shehab, said that the RTA intended to provide the parking spaces for bicycles near all the main metro stations in a bid to enhance the integration of the Dubai Metro with other, alternative transit modes in the Emirate. “In an advanced phase of the Project, all the metro stations will be integrated with the dedicated cycling tracks” he said.

The RTA finalised studies surrounding the construction of the cycling tracks with an overall length of around 900km. the 5 phases of the project are expected to be completed by 2020.

Will Dubai enter the list of the world’s top most bicycle-friendly cities after the project’s completion? Only time will tell.’s top most bicycle-friendly cities:

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2. Copenhagen, Denamrk

3. Bogota, Colombia

4. Curitiba, Brazil

5. Montreal, Canada

6. Portland, Oregon, United States

7. Basel, Switzerland

8. Barcelona, Spain

9. Beijing, China

10. Trondheim, Norway

Have you ever considered using public or alternative transport to work? You may want to consider car-pooling, taking the bus or catching a train as it could potentially save you thousands in travel costs, and you’ll reduce your fuel consumption.

Jade Scully
Jade Scully is a copywriter excited about writing copy and stories, blogging about the world and editing. She currently and regularly publishes her stories on a number of blogs. Jade loves animals and hopes to begin writing copy for the animal rescue charity TEARS as her contribution to the cause.
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