Discipline to Make a Day Productive

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One of my challenge is to discipline myself to “plan and do” day in and day out.  I feel I am pretty good at organizing my activities and following them up when I have a relatively structured day.  By structured day, I mean that I have meetings, and deadlines, covering days and weeks.  Though I  feel I am under time pressure following the structured days, I know how to get myself motivated and can get things done.

My challenge is how to be productive when I have free time and a project which is much longer term such as books etc.  I need to set up my own deadline not only for the completion (which may be months away), but also weekly and daily deadline.  It is so easy for me to find my day go by without getting things done.  I also find writing to be quite a challenge.

When I was struggling to finish my doctoral dissertation over two decades ago, I looked for the ways how writers discipline themseves.  My finding was that those who write many (and not just one great book!) seem to have self-structured days.  Many set up time to write and sit down to write no matter what.  Some days they are productive and write some good pages that they love, but they also have days  they simply cannot write anything good that satisfies them.  The important lesson was to set aside time to write as a part of daily routine.

I had thought that those writers are either always excited to write and/or writing comes naturally to them without much of a discipline.  The finding that they discipline themselves was a great help for me.  I decided to follow the similar routine.  (I am not a writer and will never be the one with many books, but at least I can try!)   I am still in the process of experimenting.

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