Culture, Food And Beautiful Views In Guatemala

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For those looking to travel to Guatemala, the country is full of beautiful landscapes, delicious food and immersive culture worth exploring. To show you what I’m talking about, here’s a look at some highlights through Instagrammed Guatemala photos from my recent trip.

Pepian is the national dish of #Guatemala. This hearty stew features slow-cooked meats, vegetables and ground nuts and seeds to give it a toasty, rich and spicy flavor. Fun fact: Although the national dish of Guatemala it actually comes from Mexico, created by the Aztecs and altered by the Spaniards.

Antigua, Guatemala

Beautiful colonial architecture abounds in Antigua, Guatemala, with some of the most noteworthy sights being near Central Park. Hike Volcan Pacaya — one of Guatemala’s most active volcanoes — and you’ll have th chance to roast marshmallows on hot lava rocks.


Opt for local restaurants over touristy venues. This meal was savored at El Rincon in Antigua for about $2.50 USD and was the most delicious chorizo, vegetables and salad I tasted the entire trip. Bonus: Freshly made tortillas are also part of the experience.


To go with the above photo, here is a local outside of El Rincon in Antigua making homemade tortillas fresh for diners.


No trip to Guatemala would be complete with sampling some fresh guacamole. In fact, I recommend starting each meal with some.


One of the world’s most epic sunrises can be seen during a sunrise hike up Indian’s Nose from San Pedro on Lake Atitlan. Watching the dramatic clouds slowly part over the lake, San Pedro Volcano and surrounding peaks providing a backdrop, is a truly surreal experience.


If you’re going to stay at one place your entire trip, make it Earth Lodge near Antigua. While the farm-to-table food fare, games, nearby hiking, morning yoga and cheap booze are great, the views are what really make the experience.

lake atitlan

From Panajachel on Lake Atitlan you can hire a private boat tour for the day for about $60-$65 USD total (not per person). You’ll then be able to visit the different villages around the lake, take in volcano views, visit women’s cooperatives, see handicrafts being made, swim in natural hot springs and sample delicious food.


You can watch ceramics being made in San Antonio and Santa Catarina at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

Lake Atitlan Nature Reserve

A canopy bridge in Panajachel’s Reserva Natural Atitlan adds some extra excitement to a day’s hike. Also in the reserve are natural trails, bird watching, a butterfly sanctuary, coffee trees, monkeys, coatimundis, a waterfall and a private beach.


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