Concert by Mariko Takahashi and Henry

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In November, I went to Nagoya for the concert by Mariko Takahashi.  It was the first time I saw her at live concert.  I have tried to buy ticket here and there, but have not been able to get it until now, as they sold out so quickly.  The ticket I was able to buy online happened to be in Nagoya, so I went there.

I took bullet train to Nagoya. The concert was fabulous.  It was packed and Mariko Takahashi and her husband Henry, producer and leader of Henry Band were great.  They performed over two hours straight and the audience was all very excited.

The first half was very nice and elegant, as she sang songs from her new album, with various arrangement –some jazzy, and some ballad like.  The second half was fun and exciting as the band performed (dance like), she danced with the band while singing and the sound was lively.  The audience which consisted of middle aged and over (majority) went wild!

The concert had a special meaning for me, as my late husband loved Mariko Takahashi.  I felt that he was with me at the concert. It was a nice evening to remember how wonderful to have somebody you love in your life.

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